Bread Making: Rising Popularity

The ancient art of bread-making is slowing moving back into the home. With all the preservatives put into commercial breads, no one can be sure that they're eating healthful varieties. Aside from this, manufacturers will usually use low-grade grain and compensate by adding larger amounts of yeast – this explains why commercial bread has so many air pockets, making it fluffy and light. Besides, there's nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house on a Sunday morning – it's guaranteed to help you avoid those 'come down for breakfast right now' yells. Making bread is not a quick process, and requires a little bit of patience, but the end result will often be worth the trouble.

Cheap Bread Maker Manufacturers

There are several companies that manufacture cheap bread makers. For a really good buy, you can pick a brand like Breadman, Sunbeam or Oster. All of them have models in the range of $70 to $80, and have great features to boot. Most of the cheap bread maker models will come with standard options, and all of them can give you a fresh loaf in under an hour – not bad for modern technology, considering that they're no bigger than an average housecat.

Cheap Bread Maker – Breadman Fresh

The Breadman Horizontal Bread-maker TR 520 is the best in class for its tag of $69.99. This little sleek piece of equipment can make a two-pound loaf of bread in less than one hour. If you're making it early in the morning and still want to have it warm for a late breakfast, then this is perfect with its 1-hour keep-warm cycles. You can even put in the dough the previous night and set it on a timer that will make your bread in the morning. What's more, it has crust color control, depending on how dark you want your bread crust to be. With 8 preset programs for different types of bread, this is a top contender for the best cheap bread-maker on the market.

Cheap Bread Maker - Baked By Sunbeam

For a few dollars more, you can buy a Sunbeam 5891, one of the finest cheap bread-makers around. The features are very similar to Breadman's base model, but you can program your own settings, and it comes with a free non-stick bread pan and a bread-baking instruction manual that's got some terrific bread recipes. The LCD display is conveniently angled, and the controls are spread out so you won't accidentally end up pressing multiple buttons. At $74.95, it's quite a bargain.

Cheap Bread Maker – Oster Loaf

A slight step up in price will put the Oster 58-minute ExpressBake Bread-maker in your hands. It's got an impressive 18 bread settings, along with the standard 3 crust color control. The instruction manual also gives you 50 bread making recipes that you can try out at home. It's got a really neat feature that gives you an audio signal for the right time to add in any dry fruits or nuts to the mix. This will make sure that you don't end up adding them too early and having them sink to the bottom, or too late and having them just coat the crust. There's also a large view window if you're the real curious type who likes to watch bread bake. It also features a removable lid rather than a hinge, a non-stick aluminum bread pan and an exterior that's always cool to the touch. The $79.99 retail tag makes it the most expensive of the cheap bread makers, but only by about ten bucks.

Getting Great Recipes For Your Cheap Bread Maker

Most of the cheap bread makers usually come with at least a few recipes for basic wheat bread, but you can also buy special bread-making books that will show you how to make multi-grain bread, bran bread, and a long list of other healthy types of bread. Pretty soon, you'll forget what store-bought bread tastes like, and your taste-buds will be thankful to you for pampering them with the best of fresh home-made bread everyday.