A dining room no matter how big or small needs to be filled with beautiful furniture. The furniture may consist of a table, chairs, china cabinet, side boards that when nicely decorated, especially during occasions, will make the dining room the conversation of the day. Finding a cheap dining room set requires a bit of sleuthing in order to get the best price on tables, chairs, and other accessories. You have the option of buying both new and used furniture, and there are strategies that will help you save the most with both options.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can get anything from plastic chairs and tables to the more elegant wood or glass tables that will make your dining room stand out. Many of the more popular dining room chairs and tables will have fancy designs and colors for the table and chairs.

The dining room sets come in sets of 3 or 4 pieces. This would include the table and chairs, a buffet table maybe or side board or china cabinet - many of this made from different kinds of wood such as Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and mahogany. Woods will provide a more traditional or classical look for the room, whereas glass or stone will look much more modern and contemporary.

Dining Room Tables: Size and Style

Measuring the dining room is a good way to see just home much space you have to work with. This will tell you if the table you want will give you enough room to walk around the table and give your guests the most comfortable positions to sit in. They don't want to sit too close to each other or trip over each other's chairs. You then want to measure your table that you want to get and make sure it will fit like you want it to in the dining room. The size of your table will depend on how many people you want to sit at a time. While this may seem silly, you can imagine the embarassment of buying a brand new dining room furniture set, invite your friends over, only to not be able to fit them all around the table. Some tables have leaves that can be added to the table to make it larger if need be.

The style will be what you choose to make your table stand out in your dining room. Designs can be from the etchings on the chairs to the way the table legs are made. If the legs have a bit of a flare to them, they might be considered elegant. If the legs are straighter, and not curved, that might mean they are more for an everyday use and not as elegant. Likewise, you are more likely to find elaborate in wooden table designs, as well as older table designs; Newer contemporary tables tend to have plainer legs and a more minimalist feel.

Taking Care of the Dining Room Table

Glass tables will get fingerprints and other smudges on them. A good cleaning with glass cleaner or soap and water will do the trick. Covering the table with a table cloth will help keep the cleaning down to a minimum. Wood tables can be cleaned with some furniture polish then place a table cloth over the table to protect it from scratching and stains. Whenever you're eating, make sure to use place mats and coasters, nothing spoils a nice wooden table like water rings. Even if your table is glass or stone, protecting it in this way will make cleaning easier, and it will look much nicer (and for longer!)

Pricing Your New Dining Room Set

Determining the price of a dining room set will determine what goes with the set. The size of the table and how many it will seat will be one factor in determining the factor of pricing. The more chairs, the bigger the table and the more expensive it will be. The materials are another factor. It will depend on the type of wood that it is made of, as certain types of woods are more expensive than others. It will also depend on whether you have to put the table together or if it comes already assembled. If you go with pre-assembled pieces, it may cost a bit more and you may have a wait for it to be shipped to you, which is another cost factor to consider. On Amazon, a nice, traditional looking 5-piece dining room table set made of black metal and oak tabletop sells for $180. On the other end of the price spectrum, ItalyByWeb sells a hand made Italian round dining room table of similar size for $2999.99. A remarkably gorgeous dining room table set with embroidered seats on the chairs, this marks the upper edge of pricing unless you go for very expensive or exotic materials.

Decorating your Dining Room with Furniture and Accessories

You have finally chosen your dining room furniture. Getting the table and chairs in place is the easy part. It is now time to place the other furniture in the dining room. If you have a blank wall in the dining room, you can add a buffet or sideboard. At the table's corner, you can also decorate with a plant to make the dining room feel homey and comfortable. You may even have room to display a china cabinet and show off your beautiful china.

A lazy susan is one accessory to consider adding to your dining room furniture set. With certain purchases, you will have the option of having this included, and it can make a nice addition. Another accessory you may consider is a centerpiece mirror - a small mirror placed in the middle of the table.

Now that you have finished the dining room, it is time to call all your friends and family and to show off the new room. They all stand in amazement as the look at the wonderful new addition to the home and they may even ask you for ideas for their homes!