Compact Sytem Camera Advantages

Compact System Cameras (CSCs) are a new class of digital camera that bridges the gap between the compact point and shoot camera and the Digital SLR (DSLR) commonly used by professional photographers.

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As the name suggests their compactness is just one reason they are fast becoming popular with so many people, amateurs and professionals. The size reduction when compared to SLR cameras is as a result of removing the reflex mirror mechanism. Removing the mirror mechanism means that the camera body is significantly smaller as a result.

This reduction in size means it is far more portable than a digital SLR, so that you will be more likely to take the camera to situations where the larger camera would be more inconvenient. Compact system cameras are also proving popular as back-up cameras for professionals and even proving good enough as a main camera for some original client work situations.

At first glance the camera body looks out of proportion compared to the lens and you would think it would feel unbalanced. However once in the hand it is surprisingly stable and comfortable to hold, not as you would imagine.

The System part of the name refers to the very useful fact that you can change lenses, you are not limited to the fixed lens of compact cameras. This gives you much greater flexibility for taking a range and quality of photographs that would not otherwise be possible.

Interchangeable lenses, ranging from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto lenses allow for greater creativity. Plus there are even compatible 3D lenses available for some compact system cameras that would allow you to enjoy viewing 3D images on a 3D television, great for bringing life to those holiday shots.

Nikon 1 J1

Nikon1 J1

Another feature of the digital compact system camera and where it scores over compact cameras is in the size of its image sensor; usually compact cameras only have a small image sensor. The CSC is able to accommodate a large sensor that you would normally only find in a Digital SLR camera. We are not just talking a little bit bigger, but in excess of 10x bigger!

Intelligent Camera Systems for Ease of Use

Compact System Cameras come with a lot of intelligent features added to make taking good photographs easier. Features such as image stabilization to help prevent blurred images from camera shake, automatic exposure modes, auto focus, rapid shooting, easy panoramic shooting etc. Plus these settings are generally quite easy to access and change quickly with using buttons, thumb wheels or touch screens and menus.

The larger sensor in the CSC means that the quality of the image will remain high with low noise levels in all but the poorest lighting conditions, long after the image quality in digital compact cameras would have begun to deteriorate.

As you would perhaps expect, these versatile digital cameras in the CSC range are capable of taking video too, in some cases full 1080i high definition.

If you are fairly new photography or just want to take great photographs with minimum effort the Compact System Camera could well be for you. They have easy to use controls and automatic intelligent features that will do most of the work for you.

However, if as your confidence or ability grows, these cameras will allow you to take increasing control over your photography for even greater creativity. Not forgetting the ability to use different lenses, which can be bought as required. Although for many, one of these cameras bought with a lens package may be all the camera you will ever need.