Painted Flower Pot - Decorative Designs and Ideas

Choosing or creating a painted flower pot will add to the beauty of the plants or flowers planted in it. They are available in a myriad of designs and colors from childlike and simple to very elegant and tasteful. Terra cotta flower pots are often used for this purpose, although a painted flower pot may be created from metal as well as ceramic and wood amongst others.

Painted Flower Pot Choices

Many painted flower pot choices are available and options include pot size as well as material and paint styles. Terra cotta pots are the most prevalent and offer a massive selection of size and style. Many are painted with geometric designs and flowers or a combination of the two. They may be stacked with a terra cotta base on top to create a birdbath style planter. Other options with terra cotta include making painted flower pots to showcase dried flowers or herbs as well as candles and for use as knick knack holders. The options are truly endless when decorating with these.

Glazed ceramic painted flower pots have been used for centuries both for large and small plants, and many have been produced by companies such as Hall and Weller as well as other commercial producers. They are often thicker and heavier than newer pieces and should last for years.

Choosing a metal or plastic painted flower pot will open up many additional sources as well as wider range of decorative design. Many large planters have been painted in traditional designs with motifs that are adorned with gold and silver gilt leafing. These elegant pieces work well in formal settings. Metal pots may be as simple as an aluminum bucket that has been painted with a few bright flowers, or intricately painted teapots designed to hold a small flowering or trailing plant.

Painted Flower Pot Uses

Many uses exist for a painted flower pot outside of its intended purpose. Very small painted terra cotta pots may be used for place holders and or party favors when entertaining guests. They may be used in the kitchen for holding various items from spatulas to dice and car keys. Painted flower pots are adaptable to almost any room in the home for use as either flower pots or accessorizing. Outside buckets that have been painted may be hung from hangers or trees to allow the plants and blossoms to beautifully cascade.

Creating a Painted Flower Pot

It is possible to create a painted flower pot at home through the use of a variety of techniques. If the pot will be used for planting and is terra cotta, it is wise to seal the interior with an oil based polyurethane; water based will work well for pots that are used for simply accessorizing. Many companies produce craft paints which will work well for painting both on terra cotta and tin. The desired effect will be determined from the type of paint and technique, so spend some time choosing what to use and ensure it will work with the intended purpose of the pot.

Shopping for a Painted Flower Pot

Shopping for a painted flower pot locally should produce at least a few options as they are widely available. Local garden supply stores, discount stores as well as drugstores and flower shops may carry painted flower pots. Antique stores as well as estate and garage sales are an option for finding antique ceramic pots. Different selections may be in style depending upon the season and year; however local options may be slightly limited. Shopping online for a painted flower pot through garden supply centers as well as specialty sites should produce a huge selection both in size and style.

Pricing a Painted Flower Pot

Pricing of a painted flower pot will vary tremendously depending on what it is made from as well as the age of the piece. A simply painted terra cotta pot or metal bucket can be found with pricing starting under ten dollars while an antique piece of pottery may cost well over 100 dollars. The price of creating your own will be higher for one piece due to the investment in the paints, brushes and poly although if making several painted flower pots the cost per item will be reduced.

A painted flower pot will add beauty or quirky fun depending upon the style, wherever it is placed. They are often used both indoors and out to add interest and with minimal care should last for more than one season. An outdoors painted flower pot should be protected during the winter by emptying and placing in a shed or garage, or bringing in if to winter over.