There are many things that you can dress your canine up as this Halloween, but one of the best choices is the dog pirate costume. There are actually several varieties of pirate costumes for dogs on the market, so you can pick which style you like the best and which one your dog will be the most comfortable in. This also allows you to dress up two dogs as pirates but have them look nothing alike. They range in price from $10-$25, so they are affordable for anyone who is looking for a great outfit to dress their dog up in. Since pirates are popular costumes for adults and children alike, it makes sense that they are good for our four-footed best friends as well. They can be the only beings who dress up, or you can pick an outfit to match your costume or your child's.

Zelda Pirate Dog Costume

Zelda pirate dog costumeMy favorite costume that is on the market is the pirate dog costume from the Zelda company. This is the most expensive one, but still costs under $30. This is available in small medium and large. There are a few things that I really like about this. The striped pirate pants are nice, sure. But the top with the hook paw is even cuter. And the hat is also nice. It is a traditional black hat with a skull and crossed swords. A parrot sits atop of the hat.

Pink Pirate Dog Costume

pink pirate dog costumeIf you have a girly dog, they can still celebrate their pirate spirit. The pink dog pirate costume is great for any puppy and owner that want something cute and funny. This polyester costume has velcro closures so it is pretty comfortable and easy to get off and on. It has a pink top and a black dress with pink accents on it. The black pirate hat has a pink skull and crossbones and fringe rather than a white one.

The Deckhand Pirate Costume for Dogs

Deckhand Pirate Dog CostumeMost of the pirate costumes you see are captains. But lets face it, your dog is goofy and just not pirate captain material. But he can still set out to sea as a deckhand. This outfit has a red and white striped shirt and raggedy black pants. The hat is a red and white handkerchief tied in the back. This outfit is great for multi-dog households if you want to dress up all of your dogs as pirates but don't want to use the same costume for them.


If you are planning on dressing your dog up for Halloween, it is good to get them used to wearing clothing beforehand. While some dogs don't mind putting on outfits, others will spend all evening trying to tear them off. If you've dressed your dog up before, you have nothing to worry about. If this is their first Halloween, you might want to train them a few weeks in advance.

The main part of any pirate dog costume is the hat. Without it, the outfit loses a lot of its meaning. So if your dog refuses to wear a hat, Halloween won't be as much fun. Fortunately dogs, young and old, can learn new tricks. So get out some treats and start training. Only use positive reinforcement and don't get frustrated if your pooch isn't doing what you ask. Using clicker training is one example of a positive and effective method. Even if your dog is trained, keep an eye on them when they are wearing the costume. Though these outfits are made to be safe, you don't want your dog chewing them up.

If your dog hates dressing up, don't make them wear an outfit for hours and hours. Put the costume on your dog and then take a few photographs and shoot a few videos. Once everyone has had a chance to enjoy the seeing your pirate dog, remove the costume and reward them with their toy or a chewy treat. This will help ease the stress of the evening. If trick or treaters are coming to the door and your dog gets upset by people at the door, consider putting off the dress up session for another evening. Your pet won't know the difference between October 30th and October 31st. This isn't too important if your pet loves greeting guests.

A dog pirate costume is a great choice whether you have one canine or a whole pack that you need to dress up. It isn't, of course, the only good option on the market. Some of the most popular dog costumes are based on other animals, such as skunks, cows, or sharks. Other people like to dress their dogs up as flowers or in hot dog costumes. And you shouldn't consider all of the popular character costumes there are. If you like Yoda, Darth Vader, or Princess Leia you should look into the Star Wars dog costumes. Disney dogs costumes are good for characters such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Goofy, Eeyore, and Mr Incredible.