The Glass fire place screens are available in different shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Fire place screens made of stained glass are also available. The main advantage of the glass fireplace screen is that it reduces loss of heat. It also blocks flow of air into the fire place making the fire burn slowly.

The fire place was once considered to be the most important part of a home. The beauty and elegance of the screen matching with the decoration of the room need to be considered. A glass fire place door is absolutely beautiful. They add decorative charm to the fireplace. More over it protects the hearth from the hazards of sparks.

The shape of the glass fire place screen depends on the nature of fireplace opening. There are standard screens and arched ones. The arched fireplace screens are suited for arched fireplace opening, and a standard one for standard opening of the fireplace.

The size of the fireplace screen is equally significant. The screen should suit the dimensions of the fire place opening. Generally, glass screens are available in single panel and folding models. Single panel screens need to be larger by 1-3 inches than the fireplace opening, on all sides. Folding panel screens have to be larger than the fireplace openings by 10 to 12 inches on all sides. Its height should be more by 1-3 inches. Larger sized glass screens are more advisable.

The color of the glass screen has to be selected depending on the prime color pattern of the room. Gold, rust, copper, bronze and brass shades are ideal for the glass fire screen if the dominant color in the room is red, yellow, orange or brown. If the dominant colors of the room are green, blue, green blue, violet, blue violet etc, the colors ideal for the fire screen can be black, white, stainless steel, pewter or silver colors.

As regards the design, either traditional or fancy theme can be adopted. Antique or Victorian themes are advisable. Fire screens with rounded corners are best suited for this.

Stained glass fire place screens are best suited for the decoration and color of the room. It easily creates a mood of comfort. There are certain models of stained glass fire screen that can be used with real wood fire.

There are a wide variety of brands of glass fire screens. Some brands are mounted on surfaces like marble or bricks. This reduces loss of heat up to 90percent. Glass screens with thick welded construction and coating of high temperature powder are also available. The doors are provided with premium hinge assembly. Metallic mesh screen with magnet, smoke glass etc are added in some brands.

In most of the costly brands, specially tempered glasses are provided.
Forged tri panel in black finish, costing is another attraction. Five piece arched copper / glass screen / antique style ornate fire set is also available. Floral wall Fire place screen has been introduced.

The stained glass fireplace screens are more attractive. Their beauty and elegance creates a hearty mood. This kind of screen was first introduced by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The only disadvantage about the stained glass fireplace screen is its higher price.

However, home made stained glass fireplace screen can be prepared by recycling of old screens. A little glass adhesive and pieces of old fireplace screens alone are the most ideal materials for its preparation. First of all, draw the design on a piece of paper. Then, cut the glass into the desired shapes using glasscutter. Glue them together to the desired size and shape using the glass adhesive.

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