Glass Side Tables - Modern Table Designs

Choosing a glass side table or tables will add a light stylish flair to the room. Although they are generally produced in a modern or contemporary design, many are available combined with wood to create a traditional feel and look. A glass side table may be used mostly to add style or it may combine style and function through the use of glass with metal, plastic or wood.

Glass Side Table Styles

A glass side table can be found in numerous styles, including some which are almost purely works of art with carefully designed and crafted pedestal bases that support a glass top while allowing their form to show through. Purely functional styles include ones with curved U shaped supports that are able to be slid up to a couch or chair to hold items such as drinks, snacks and the TV remote control. A table which combines style and function may have a decorative base and solidly supported top which can hold a lightweight lamp or decorative objects. Many style options are available however most consist of a few basic elementals designs. Upholstered support bases supporting a glass top are a new design which combines the soft look of upholstery with the cool flair of glass.

All glass side tables have been created using a glass base and stacked slices of glass that may be geometrically designs or twisted and covered with a glass top, glass legs in a more traditional style are also available. These tables convey a very stylish design that complements several styles of furnishings. The glass is smoothed on the edges and often appears to bluish or a bluish green.

The wooden legs on a glass side table may be straight or slightly bowed to create a stylish support or a pedestal base that has been elaborately carved for a more traditional look may be used. The top may have wood around the edges with a panel of glass inset or it may be placed on top of a wooden pedestal base.

Metal legs often are decorative when used on glass tables as the transparent glass allows them to be showcased in the table design. A squared box shape is one example with a supporting frame holding the glass around the edges, while another commonly seen style will have a metal pedestal base that has been created with at least three or more legs that also form a frame to support the glass top. In very modern furniture settings a geometrically shaped large piece of metal, designed perhaps as an open square will be the supporting base. Three tiered glass and metal designs are very popular side tables and available in a variety of price ranges and finishes.

Plastic resin glass side tables are available in every conceivable design, due to the resins ability to be molded or poured into various shapes. Modern flowing designs adapt well to this medium which can be finished in various ways, from high shine to textured. Resin pieces may also be created to give the appearance of wood or stone without the accompanying weight restraints.

Shopping for a Glass Side Table

Shopping for a glass side table may be accomplished locally through furniture stores as well as through garage sales. The popularity of the style should ensure that at least a few options are available locally through these stores as well as possibly at discount stores.

Choosing to shop online for a glass side table will provide hundred if not thousands of options to browse and choose from. The search engines will provide sites that carry only glass side tables, sites which carry multitudes of table styles and online furniture stores which carry not only tables but also couches and chairs. After choosing a favorite table consider whether a matching coffee table is desired which ideally should be purchased at the same time to ensure availability. Often two or three glass side tables will be used if creating a matching furniture arrangement.

Pricing a Glass Side Table

Pricing a glass side table online is as easy as in a local store as the price is generally located right on the page with the picture of the table itself. One exception to this is on manufacturer's sites which will usually feature a list of places the table can be purchased, allowing merchants some leverage in their pricing. Prices begin for a very basic glass and metal table as low as 44 dollars and for designer pieces may go over a thousand dollars, although many choices are available in the 150 to 250 dollar range to provide many choices of a glass side table.