Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice is widely recognised as being good for our health. Instead of having to eat our way through vast quantities of fresh produce it is easy to juice up five or six servings and then consume the resulting half liter or so of juice. This gives us abundant nutrition, minerals and vitamins. Drinking juice at any time of day is good. I personally like to have one in the morning as I find it sets me up well for the day ahead giving me energy, enthusiasm and vitality. Starting the day with a fresh juice is also a good way to encourage me to be healthy for the rest of the day. It is recommended that we consume between five and nine servings (cups) of fresh fruit and vegetables each and every day. Trying to eat our way through this amount may be tricky therefore using a juicer such as the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro is one way to help us increase our fresh fruit and vegetable intake.

Hamilton Beach 67650 juicerIf you buy a Hamilton Beach 67650 juicer you get a high powered centrifugal juicing appliance. It has a 1.1 horsepower motor which helps it quickly and efficiently extract the juice from whatever fresh produce is fed into it. The machine has a 3 inch wide feeder chute. This is wide enough to allow whole apples to fit into the machine. At first this may not seem all that significant however this is actually a great time saving feature. Instead of having to chop up the ingredients before juicing, the wide funnel means that we can simply put things in whole. This is acutally one of the main features of centrifugal juicers. Not all have the wide entry holes but in general, centrifugal juicers are the fastest sort of jucing appliances. When we compare them to things like twin gear and masticating juicers they are cheaper and also quicker to use. Therefore they make great juicers for people will little time to spare as well as anyone new to juicing. You can see in the picture that the juicer comes with a pitcher to collect the juice as it pours out of the machine. Also the part at the back is to collect all the fruit and vegetable pulp that comes out as waste from the juicer. The Hamilton Beach 67650 juicer is also very easy to clean up after use. There are few parts to clean and can simply be rinsed under cold running water. Overall the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro is a great juicer well worth considering if you want to improve your health.