Hanging shoe racks are becoming more and more popular and have two subcategories: over the door, and closet hanging. They are both very similar and basically do the same things, but work a little differently to get the same job done. They both manage to keep the shoes off the floor, maximize vertical, unused space in the closet, and keep you organized with slight differences.

Over the door shoe racks are made to mainly hold only women and kids shoes. They are not normally made large enough to hold men's shoes or any type of boot. They can be made of metal with an insert to put in the shoe or out of plastic pockets to insert the shoe into. The benefit of this style is you use the back of your closet door, which you weren't using anyway to eliminate the clutter in your closet. You can throw away the bulky shoe boxes and still keep your shoes protected. This style of shoe rack does not take up any space that could be used for something else and is ideal for people who have a lot of stuff in a little space.

Over the door shoe racks are normally made out of plastic and some are made out of metal. The ones made from metal are going to be more durable and offer more options. For example a plastic over the door shoe rack only has those little pockets for you to insert your shoes in to and if you're shoes don't fit then you are just out of luck. Whereas with metal over the door shoe racks they are normally a little larger in size and offer the option of placing your shoe box in the rack as well. For example of you have a tall pair of fashion boots or heels, or work boots that for whatever reason won't fit in to inserts provided you can leave those shoes in the box and place the whole box on the rack, how convenient is that!

Hanging shoe racks that are made to hang in your closet and come with many different size cubbies and even some with pull out drawers. Hanging shoe racks are normally made of a canvas or cloth material, something light, because it does have to hang on your closet rod, but don't be fooled these hanging shoe racks can hold a lot of weight. Hanging shoe racks are not only made to hold shoes, in the bigger cubbies, you can hold sweaters, sweat shirts, hang bags and a host of other things. The down side to choosing this style over the over the door style, is that while is take make more space on the floor of your closet, it takes up actual closet space. This style of shoe rack does come in different sizes. You can purchase a single column hanging shoe rack, or a multi-column hanging shoe rack. The great thing about this style is you have the option of choosing to put in the cubbies whatever you'd like; it is not by far limited to just shoes.

Colors for both of these styles are somewhat limited simply because they are made for in your closet and behind your door, so matching any type of décor is not really a concern or priority. Prices for both of these styles range from $11.99 to $64.99. They can be found at most any variety or department store.

The goal of a hanging shoe rack to keep your organized and to create a place for everything. Everything has a place and a hanging shoe rack makes a place for everything. This style is a fabulous option for people who don't have a whole lot of space and need to use it all wisely. Get the most out of your hanging shoe rack, fill all the cubbies and get creative, it's made to help you!