Choose the Right Size Keurig Coffee Maker for Your Needs

Do you enjoy drinking coffee, but don't like to brew several cups at a time, when you only want to drink one? Do you like to have a choice of different coffee flavors? Do you dislike messing with used coffee grounds? Do other people in your home or office have a different preference of coffee flavors, or do they prefer tea or hot chocolate? Would you sometimes like a fresh brewed glass of iced tea, instead of a hot drink?

Keurig Mini Brewing System

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you may want to purchase a Keurig Coffee Brewing System for your home or office.

These systems are designed to brew one cup of coffee, tea or cocoa at a time, and give each user the ability to choose from approximately 200 different beverages! They typically work with water that you pour into a reservoir, much as you would with your current home coffee maker, or they can be connected directly to your office plumbing system, for a continuous water supply in high volume settings.

When I purchased one of these machines for our home, it quickly became our favorite kitchen appliance.  Even our grandkids love brewing hot chocolate and hot apple cider when they come to visit ... and it is simple enough that they can use it without our help.

You can easily order your choice of Keurig machine or a variety of types of K-cups by using this quick link to Keurig Products on  They have a wide variety of choices, starting at less than $100 and going up in price, depending on the special features you may want.

Keurig Home Brewing Systems

Keurig coffee makers come in a wide range of prices and styles. The Keurig Mini Plus is perfect for the home, and starts at $99.95. It also comes in several different colors. This machine will brew a perfect cup of coffee, tea or cocoa in less than two minutes. No more dealing with coffee grounds or washing coffee pots. You simply select the "K-Cup" that contains the ingredients for the beverage of your choice. Slip the K-Cup into the slot on the machine, push a button, and a short time later the perfect amount of coffee, tea or chocolate will be dispensed directly into your cup. There are also other Keurig home machines that are even faster, have larger reservoirs and that are able to handle larger cup sizes. They sell for various prices, up to about $170.00.

Keurig OfficePro Brewing System

The Keurig OfficePRO starts at about $129.95. It will brew coffee in less than one minute, has a 48 oz. removable water reservoir, and will handle three different cup sizes. It also has an Auto Off feature which assures that it will turn off automatically after two hours of non-use. No more worrying that someone may have left the coffee machine on at the office!

Keurig B155 Brewing System for the Office

The Keurig B155 has a 90 oz. removable water reservoir, and a programmable interactive touchscreen that allows you to set the brew temperature. You can even set the language preference to English, Spanish or French. It can accommodate four different cup sizes. The internal hot water tank is easy to drain, so the Brewing System can be easily transported or stored. It sells for about $249.95.

Keurig also offers several other choices of Brewing Systems for the office, depending on the size and individual needs of your company. Some machines can even be set up with a coin dispenser, which may be ideal for providing coffee in public locations. My husband and I have noticed the Keurig machines popping up in more and more locations, including car dealerships, offices and other places of business. See their website or call your local Keurig dealer for more information on the appropriate machine for your organization.

Hot Beverage K-Cups for the Keurig Brewing System

The K-Cups are the little flavored cups of coffee, tea and chocolate that are brewed together with the hot water in your Keurig Brewing System to make your favorite hot beverage turn out perfectly, every time. There are over 200 different flavors that you can purchase. Among the coffee flavors are Breakfast Blend, Newman's Special Blend, Nantucket Blend, Half-Caff Coffee, Butter Toffee Coffee, 10% Kona Blend, Decaf Coffee and more. Among the tea choices are English Breakfast Tea (both decaf and regular), Mandarin Orange Tea, Green Tea, Mango Tea, Pomegranate Berry Fusion Tea, Sleepytime Herbal Tea, and India Spice Chai Tea. Cocoa is available as regular Hot Cocoa, White Hot Chocolate, and Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa. You can also purchase a K-Cup for Hot Apple Cider. I have drunk the Mango Tea, the India Spice Chai Tea and the Hot Cocoa and enjoyed them all. My husband has several different coffee flavors that he enjoys during the day. We both enjoy the variety of selections that are available.

Iced Beverage K-Cups for the Keurig Brewing System

Your Keurig can even make delicious iced drinks. Among the choices are French Vanilla Iced Coffee, Perfect Iced Tea, Southern Sweet Black Perfect Iced Tea, Sweet Tropical Breeze White Iced Tea, and more.

If you are looking for a versatile coffee machine for your home or office, you need look no further than the Keurig Brewing Systems for a fun and affordable alternative to your local coffee shop. The Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System may even be the perfect wedding gift for a couple with different opinions about their favorite morning beverage!

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A Typical Keurig Beverage Machine

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Sample Package of K-Cups

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