The marcy platinum mp3100 weight bench is an excellent home gym all-in-one training system like you would find in your local paid gym. One of the primary benefits of this specialized mutli-exercise system is that it allows you to do complex and intensive training exercises without a spotter or personal trainer thanks to its safety catchers. Featuring a lat pull down bar and a full pec-deck, this home weight bench is equally suitable for serious athletes and people just beginning their training regimens. 

Specifications for the Marcy Platinum mp3100 Weight Bench -Size and Features

If you've been shopping around for a comprehensive weight training machine for use at your home or office, you may already know the exact sizes and dimensions you're looking for. The marcy platinum mp3100 weight bench is 231 cm high from base to top, 127 cm wide and 223 cm in depth.


Some at-home weightlifters have noted that it is a fairly large-sized piece of equipment, so if you're tight on space and looking for the most fold-away option, this particular weight lifting system might not be for you. All the same, the marcy weight bench needs this extra space to pack in all its extra features:

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This weight bench sports a multi-position adjustable bench which will help accomodate multiple exercise types, such as flat, incline and decline weight lifting positions. It also has a preacher curl attachment that can be fitted on when it's time to blast your biceps. 

So far as weight plates go, this marcy weight bench will accept both standard and olympic weight plates, offering you a degree of flexibility that will help you integrate this system with your current home gym weight lifting equipment. 

To keep yourself balanced out, you can achieve full and deep leg workouts by using this marcy multi gym, which includes 6 oversized rollers for comfort. In about as much as it costs to run a premium gym membership for about a year and a half, you could have your own at home multi weight bench that will help you sculpt and tone your body. 

Comparing Prices for Marcy Multi Weight Benches and Home Gyms

The marcy platinum mp3100 weight bench runs at around 499 British pounds on (as it is manufactured by a British company). Most online purveyors will be able to offer similar prices, and, of course, this is not accounting for any special and random sales that may offer temporarily better prices. The important thing to remember when ordering a home gym multi bench of this size is that you need to be prepared to handle freight and delivery charges that may be tacked on in addition to your original purchase cost. 

For example, PureFitness, the manufacturer of this home weight lifting system will offer free shipping to buyers on the mainland of the U.K. when they order an additional item through their company. According to users, the marcy platinum mp3100 weight bench is a good buy - not the top of the line or the most fancy home gym out there, but far above average for the price range.