A metal shoe rack is a great investment and addition to any household. Metal shoe racks have the ability to last longer than any other material available. This is because of the powder coated finish that puts a stop to decomposition. There are several styles of shoe racks that are available in metal.

The first being a closet shoe rack. A metal closet shoe rack sits in your closet on the floor and has various numbers of shelves. This type of shoe rack is good for someone who has a lot of clutter on their closet floor and needs something to help get organized. This type of shoe rack is good not just for organizing shoes, but its capabilities are almost endless. A closet metal shoe rack can be found at stores like Target and Wal-Mart, also online at websites such as ikea.com; and range from $18.99 upwards in prices depending on the size and name brand.

A slightly different option is the four tier metal closet shelf. This option works almost the same as the closet shoe rack, but can hold much more than shoes. Its design is made to hold a variety of items so the shelves are more durable, larger and wider. This shoe rack option is free standing and also has the possibility of being stacked if ever necessary. An average size tiered metal closet shelf can hold 20 pairs of shoes, if that's all it is holding.

The stackable metal shoe rack is also another option you have. Stackable metal shoe racks also have some variety to them. There are one level and tiered metal stackable shoe racks. They both serve the same purpose, but obviously the tired shoe rack has the ability to hold and organize more shoes than the one-leveled shoe rack. Metal stackable shoe racks are easy to assemble and have the option of being secured to a wall for more security.

A fourth option is the wall mount shoe rack. The wall mount shoe racks normally have more a modern feel to them; they aren't your traditional shoe rack. They serve the purpose of holding and organizing shoes but the main goal is decoration. These metal wall mount shoe racks, are not meant for heavy shoes, they are mainly used for children shoes and women's flats and flip flops. It is not advised that you put wedges, boats, men's shoes, or heels on your wall mount. The wall mount itself weights 10 lbs then you have to add the weight of the shoes. Try to stick with light weight shoes as much as possible, so the wall mount can last as long as possible.

There's also the option of over the door metal shoe racks. These shoe racks are similar to other over the door shoe racks, but are much more durable. The over the door metal shoe rack has the capacity to hold not only shoes, but shoe boxes as well. This option really helps you maximize your space. For example you could take your shoes out of the boxes and put them in the cubbies, and store other items such as accessories in the empty shoes boxes and store the shoe boxes on the metal shoe rack as well. These over the door metal shoe racks are able to hold 12, 24, and 36 pairs of shoes and shoe boxes depending on your needs. They are easy to assemble and are made to hold the heaviest of shoes and boots.

Overall a metal shoe rack is a great investment and a great way to organize your living space. Metal shoe racks are slightly pricier than plastic ones but are made to last so much longer and hold so much more weight. Most metal shoe racks come in a silver metal color, but there are some available in alternative colors. You and widely find them at department or variety stores and online.