Having a large family or a large collection of shoes will require you to have some type of shoe rack, to keep them in order and protected; plastic shoe racks come in all different shapes and sizes to meet just about anyone's needs. The five most popular types of plastic shoe racks are stackable, over the door, racks and shelves, hanging, and organizers. All serve the same purpose, but work in slightly different manners.

The stackable plastic shoe rack allows you to keep your shoes in a separate plastic box for each shoe and stack one of type of the other. This ideal for families who move a lot or have limited floor/closet space; the average shoe box is not meant to stand the test of time and will eventually start to breakdown and/or rot. This version of a stackable shoe rack permits you to keep your shoes separately and safely in a container that allows you to see the shoe without having to open the shoe box. Another variation of the stackable shoe rack is the tiered shoe rack; with this option your take your shoes out of the box and place them on the stackable tiers. Prices range from $1.39 per plastic shoe box to $44.99 for a 3-tiered rack.
Over the door shoe racks are increasing in popularity because of their practicality. They allow you to maximize your space and keep things off the floor. The over the door shoe rack allows you to store between 12 and 24 shoes depending on your needs. They come in different styles and sizes to accommodate your taste and satisfy what your family requires. Over the door shoe racks are available in solely a flip-flop and sandal rack, in the same format as the tier shoe rack except in vertical form, or as plastic pockets you slip your shoes into. Prices range from $14.99-$44.99.

Shoe racks and shelves are made with the person who has an abundance of shoes in mind. They are created to take full advantage of floor space while holding the maximum number of shoes. Expandable, towers, trees, and shelves are the styles they are available in. The expandable shoe rack allows you to grow your shoe collection without having to buy a new rack every time you buy a new pair of shoes. Shoe towers are just that. They are narrow in width but compensate in height and allow you to hold up to 50 pairs of shoes in one space. A shoe tree is similar to tier shoe rack, but is vertical and is most cases spins in a circle to allow complete accessibility to all your shoes. Shoe shelves are shoe racks that have the plastic insert to hold the shoe but come with a shelf on the bottom to hold other items such as purses or shoe cleaners. Prices range from $6.99-$64.99.

Hanging shoe racks are comparable to the over the door shoe rack. With hanging shoe racks they hang in your closet and have bigger pockets that allow you to put your shoes in the way they would lay in a regular shoe box. Hanging shoe racks are also used to hold different items such as purses or even clothes. Most come with different sizes cubbies to allow you hold sandals and boots. Some even have shelves! Prices range from $8.99-$29.99.

Shoe organizers are a combination of all the plastic shoe racks, but also include styles such as ones that hang from the ceiling and ones that fit under your bed ranging in prices from $5.99 to $24.99.
There are so many types of plastic shoes racks, you are guaranteed to find one that meets all your needs and they all can be found at variety stores such as Target or Walmart, and very commonly at stores that also sell shoe cleaners. Also try websites such as overstock.com and spacesaver.com