Samsung 22 Inch TV for the bedroom

Samsung UN22D5003 22 inch TV

When you want a television for your bedroom you usually have a lot less room than you would in a larger room in your home. The Samsung UN22D5003 22-Inch TV is just the right size to have mounted on a wall mount. This is great, as it takes away the need to swallow up a corner of your bedroom just to place a stand for your television. You can place the Samsung TV on your bedroom wall instead of a picture and gain more space. 

In my experience, anything smaller than a 22 inch isn't really big enough to enjoy watching, but anything bigger than a 26 inch is just too big and looks distasteful in your bedroom. Unless you are lucky enough to have a larger than average bedroom, but in today's society size is a commodity, so most of us have less space to live in.

Samsung UN22D5003 22 inch TV

So why do you want the Samsung over any other 22 inch television? Well, here is its specifications which are well above the average 22 inch televisions currently available.

Specifications of the Samsung UN22D5003

The Samsung has a resolution of 1080p

Image contrast is a great 40000;1

Clear motion of 120

2 speakers

1 usb for JPEG/MP3


Why should you buy the Samsung UN22D5003?

The Samsung UN22D5003 has currently been in the top 10 best televisions on Amazon for 300 days, it also has over 70 reviews, so you can see for yourself that others agree it is a fabulous television to purchase for your bedroom or any other room you need a television in.

It has also been purchased quite a few times as a monitor for gaming platforms such as the PS3 and XBOX 360. Some have even used it as a desktop monitor, so it is a very versatile television.

Amazon are selling this television at around $50 cheaper than anywhere else and offer free delivery. At $249 I find this Samsung tv a fabulous buy.

Amazon also sell the matching wall mount that you require to fix this Samsung tv to your wall, so you don't have to worry about which wall mount you need. I know when I first started looking at wall mounts for my bedroom television I was worried about purchasing the wrong one.

The wall mount that you need to fix the Samsung UN22D5003 securely to the wall is the 

VideoSecu Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for VESA 100 LCD LED Flat Screen Monitor TV 1E9.

This wall mount is a two arm swivel bracket that also has a 180% tilt, so you can get your television positioned anyway you like. This can also be bought at the same time as the Samsung if purchased through Amazon, and saves a few dollars if purchased at the same time. I am all for anything that keeps the pennies in my pocket.

Here is a great resource on How to fix your TV bracket to your wall if you have not done one before. You don't want your new TV falling off the wall through bad DIY after all.