It can be a challenge to find a truly scary Halloween mask. After all, everyone has a different idea about what is frightening. What may be scary to some may seem silly to others. Because of that, you're going to want to think about who you are hoping to frighten with your mask. If you are mainly trying to spook trick or treaters, you don't have to worry about anything too elaborate. Many young children are easily frightened. If you are trying to frighten teens or adults, however, you will have to step up your game.

You won't find that many scary Halloween masks that are cheap. You can find some good ones for $15-$20, but more will be in the $30-$60 price range. But if you have a truly frightening mask, you don't have to spend that much for the rest of the costume. A lot of time some dark clothes will be fine and you won't need to buy anything special to wear for Halloween. If you are going as a specific character, you may want to spend some money to get the full costume. Generic monsters, however, have no such requirements.

In addition to price, you'll also want to consider comfort. Many of these are latex or vinyl. These are not breathable materials. You will probably get hot when you wear these. Getting a good fit and reading reviews to help you judge comfort before buying will help make the night bearable.

There are a few different categories to consider. I consider the main ones to be gory and creepy, famous killers, and aliens. Of them all, I find gory and creepy to be the scariest. These are ones that look gross. You don't even want to look at them. They are the type that will give you nightmares. These aren't necessarily bloody, though they can be. Zombies, misshapen clowns, and mutated people all fall into this category.

Possibly the most popular scary Halloween masks are those that are based on killers from Horror movies or books. These include Jason, Michael Meyers, and Chucky. These are all quickly recognizable horror movie characters. There are also classics, such as Frankenstein's monster. Newer characters, such as Voldermort from Harry Potter, finish up this category.

Finally, you can go with an alien mask. These aren't necessarily gory or horror-inducing. Yet they still manage to frighten. This is especially the case of the Roswell alien or the Grays. For this to frighten someone, you will need a good quality mask. To get the most screams, quietly creep up on someone from behind.

There are many places that you can buy scary Halloween masks. Many people like to go shopping in the local costume store, which may be open just for Halloween. This is a good choice because you get to see everything before you buy it. But the prices here tend to be higher than online. Another drawback is that everyone in your town will see the same costume choices, so you might not be as unique as you like. For the best selection and the lowest prices, you can shop online at a store like Amazon. Since you won't be able to try on your choice, read lots of reviews to help you pick out the best mask.