If there's an Xbox enthusiast in your life, you may want to consider buy a subscription card that would enhance his/her enjoyment of playing video games. It could be the only Christmas present that the person desires. There is a big advantage to use such a card over going to Xbox Live's website to purchase one. It is mentioned here on a paragraph below.

It is ingenious to purchase a subscription card during the holiday season. The reason is that you won't be spending a lot of time wrapping a tiny card. In fact, you could just place it in an envelope with a Christmas card. Then you give it away as it is after writing a pleasant greeting on the Christmas card, and the recipient's name in front of the envelope.

It's too bad at the time of writing this that they don't have a Christmas-theme image on the subscription card. I think that would entice consumers to buy the product.

Customers could buy Xbox 360 Live Subscription Gold Card at Amazon.com for either 12 months long or for 3 months. As for the 12-months item, the listing price is $59.99. Yet, at the time of writing this, it is on sale for $44.96. You will save 25% ($15.03) if you decide to do so. The item is qualified for the Super Saver Shipping, which means there is no charge for shipping. In other words, shipping for the card is free. They are shipped from and sold by Amazon.

If you decide to buy the Xbox 360 Live Subscription as an online game code, you would need to download in order to have it. The product is being listed and sold for $59.99. It is unfortunately not qualified for the Super Saver Shipping because there's nothing to ship by mail. Very funny.

The 3-month product is listed at $24.99. Nevertheless it is on sale for $22.72 at the time of writing this. You will save $2.27 (9%). As an item that is eligible for Super Saver Shipping, you could get the 3-month item with free shipping only if you buy things that has a total price tag of over $25.00 for everything. They are being sold by NYC Electronics and Fulfilled by Amazon.

There is no Online Game Code for the 3-month item to purchase.

The dimensions for the Xbox 360 Live Subscription Card is 7.5 x 5.1 x 1 inches. It weighs only 1.6 ounces.

You will experience the very best in gaming and entertainment with Xbox LIVE Gold. Playing with friends and family all over the world to cheer, connect and play online multiplayer games together. The Gold Card also entails you to receive both exclusive Deals of the Week that can save you money and special sneak-peak game demos for the newest games. Thus, you are essentially getting early access to exciting games.

When you're in the mood to watch movies, you can use the Xbox console to get access to thousands of HD movies and TV episodes streamed instantly from Netflix. (Netflix membership is sold separately). You can also use the Internet connection to post tweets on Twitter, stream personalized online radio station from Last.fm, and also connect with friends and family on Facebook.

Customers Feedback

The Xbox 360 12-month Live Gold Card has a total of 353 customer reviews. That is a lot considered I already see any products with at least 50 reviews. It received 281 five-stars reviews, 37 four-stars reviews, 10 three-stars reviews, 6 two-star reviews, and 19 one-star reviews.

There is a review for the product that was published on December 19, 2006, and it amazingly had 181 out of 199 people found it helpful. The reviewer said the Gold Card enables you to avoid the hassle of calling XBox Live support to cancel your subscription. It can be time-consuming for a customer representative to officially cancel the service to you.

Buy Xbox 360 Console (250GB) with Kinect

The webpage for the 12-months card states that it has been frequently sold with the Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect.