Shoe racks come in all different colors, shapes and sizes but surprisingly white is the most popular. White shoe racks are available in the most styles of shoe racks than any other color. The various shoe racks that come in white are stackable, over the door, shelves, hanging shoe storage and shoe boxes.
Stackable shoe holders allow you to stack your shoes on a rack to keep them organized and also can grow with your shoe collection. You can stack these from floor to ceiling and save a lot of space; they are designed so you place your shoes on a level rack for easy access and organization in a minimal amount of space. Available in mesh, cedar, chrome, wood laminate, plastic and canvas all come in a white color finish.

Hanging and over the door shoe holders and similar because they keep the shoes off the floor and allow you to use that space for something else. The difference is, over the door shoe holders are made to mainly hold only women and kids shoes. They are not normally made large enough to hold men's shoes or any type of boot. They can be made of metal with an insert to put in the shoe or out of plastic pockets to insert the shoe into. Hanging shoe holders are primarily made to hang the closet; many come with different sizes cubbies and even pull out drawers. Hanging shoe racks are normally made of a canvas or cloth material, something light, because it does have to hang on your closet rod, but don't be fooled these hanging shoe racks can hold a lot of weight. Hanging shoe racks are not only made to hold shoes, in the bigger cubbies, you can hold sweaters, sweat shirts, hand bags and a host of other things.

A shoe box is a version of a stackable shoe rack that permits you to keep your shoes separately and safely in a container that allows you to see the shoe without having to open the shoe box.

Though it may seem like white wouldn't be the best color to choose when trying to decide on a color of shoe rack, the crisp clean color makes it more appealing. You want to get a shoe rack that will match the décor of your home but not necessarily stand out. White shoe racks do a great job of fading into the background so they're only noticeable when you need it. A white shoe rack is not going to stick out like a sore thumb in your front room, guest room, or bedroom.

White shoe racks are great for keeping everything organized and in one place. They can be used in your bedroom to free closet space, in your closet to free floor space, or in your front room so guest have somewhere to put their shoes before they come in. Since white is such a versatile color, no wonder it's the most popular. You can move the shoe rack from one room to another without having to worry about if it's going to match or look awkward.

A shoe racks purpose is simply to keep you and your family as organized as possible, to maximize your space, and make an area for all of your belongings. White shoe racks not only accomplish those goals, but are allowed to be a fun fresh accessory to any room in your house.

You can find white shoe racks in most any store and online. If you're planning on buying a wood shoe rack, it may be a fun family project to build one together and paint it white. White shoe racks range in prices from $2.99 for a single plastic shoe box to $64.99 for a well made cedar shoe rack.