A bargain flashgun heavy in features but light in price

 New photographers fail to understand the need for an external flashgun, as well as failing to realise just how useful a piece of photographic equipment an external flashgun actually is. An external flashgun is an essential accessory for all digital SLR camera users. It doesn’t matter whether your photographic interest is wildlife photography, portrait photography, sports photography, candid photography, macro photography or any other type of photography an external flashgun will help to improve your photographs. 

Many people think a flashgun is only useful in low light conditions or darkness however this is not the case. There are times when a burst of flash is needed to fill in the shadows when taking photographs during the hours of daylight and an external flashgun is ideal for this. A burst of flash can also freeze motion during longer exposure times, which can give your photographs a creative edge. There are so many different uses for an external flashgun and once you discover what an external flashgun can do you will wonder how you ever managed to cope without one. 

Some digital SLR cameras contain a small built in flashgun which pops up at the press of a button. The built in flashgun of all digital SLR cameras, if your digital SLR camera has one of course, is very weak and will only really be useful up to a range of three to four metres at the very most. Because of the poor range of all built in flash units external flashgun is recommended for all digital SLR camera users. 

Some digital SLR cameras, like the one pictured below, have a pop up flash unit, which in all honesty is next to useless. An external flashgun is recommended for all digital SLR camera users, even if your digital SLR camera has a built in flash unit.

A canon digital SLR camera with a pop up flashCredit: http://www.flixya.com/photo/2398332/A-close-up-of-a-Canon-EOS450D-complete-with-pop-up-flash

The top of the range external flashguns, made by the likes of Canon, Nikon and Olympus are very expensive, but this is not surprising given the features these all singing all dancing flashguns. Regardless of the manufacturer, a top of the range flashgun will give you ultimate control of the lighting in all lighting situations. It doesn’t matter whether there are numerous light sources, mixed light sources or different temperature light sources, a top of the range flashgun can deal with the situation. 

The top of the range flashguns contain far too many features for the enthusiast digital SLR camera user and are a waste of money. Top of the range flashguns are difficult to learn how to set up, difficult to learn how to use and too powerful for the average photographer. These top of the range flashguns are for the professional photographer only. 

If you are looking for an external flashgun that is high in features but low in cost you don’t have to spend a fortune. In fact, it is possible to get an external flashgun that allows you full manual control for under a hundred bucks! That’s right, you can get a flashgun that is powerful enough for most situations that is easy to use for less than a hundred bucks. 

Arguably, the best sub one hundred buck flashgun for a digital SLR camera is Jessop’s own branded 360AFD flashgun. The Jessop’s 360AFD is packed with more features than many external flashguns costing almost twice the price of the 360AFD flashgun. 

An external flashgun for a digital SLR camera. There really is no need to go and spend top dollar on a top of the range model as you probably won't use all the features. Buy a cheaper one, for under a hundred bucks, and you will be well on your way to producing some excellent images.

An external flashgun for a digital SLR cameraCredit: http://www.flixya.com/photo/2398337/An-external-flashgun-for-a-digital-SLR-camera

The Jessop’s 360AFD has a Guide number of 36 metres at ISO100, a bounce and swivel adjustment, backlit LCD display, autofocus assist light, auto/manual zoom settings, six head settings ranging from 24mm to 85mm and 5 different power settings. The Jessop’s 360AFD external flashgun can be bought for Canon, Nikon and Sony digital SLR cameras and it will retain the TTL technology with each brand of digital SLR camera.

 An alternative to the Jessop’s 360AFD is the Nissin Di622. The Nissin external flashgun has a high Guide Number of 44 metres, which means it is a powerful flashgun. The Nissin Di622 also has 24mm -105mm illumination angle, auto focus assist light, Energy saving auto off and sleep mode. The Nissin Di622 is very simple to use however it does not have the range of features as the Jessop’s 360AFD. 

An external flashgun will definitely improve your photography however, unless you are a professional or have a lot of money to burn there is no point in going out and buying a top of the range external flashgun. The top of the range models have far too many features, many of which you will never need. 

Rather than buy a top of the range flashgun save some money and buy one of the cheaper flashguns, which have all the power and all the features you are ever likely to need. These flashguns can be had for under a hundred bucks, so they are an absolute bargain to boot.