Airplane Ceiling Fan

Buy an Airplane Ceiling Fan - Or Make Your Own

There are a couple of different popular styles of airplane ceiling fans. One is a normal four blade ceiling fan that happens to have airplanes painted on each fan blade. This way, when you turn your ceiling fan on, you will see the airplanes on each blade chasing each other around your ceiling in a perfect circle of continuous flight. This type of airplane ceiling fan is fun and can be relatively inexpensive unless you don't already have a ceiling fan installed and you need to start from scratch. Alternatively, you can make your own airplane ceiling fan of this kind by simply affixing four large colorful airplane stickers to the blades of your pre-existing ceiling fan. This will achieve the same effect of the aforementioned airplane ceiling fan for a lot less money and can constitute a fun and easy home project for you and a few family members or children.

The Fun and Elaborate Airplane Ceiling Fan

There is a more elaborate and fun airplane ceiling fan that might cost more, but will be endlessly entertaining for anyone that enjoys airplanes, aviation and not getting too hot while sitting indoors. This kind of airplane ceiling fan is not made up of the usual 3 or 4 fan blades but instead 1 or 2 specially shaped model airplanes that the fan's motor spins around at high speed. Therefore, the model planes accomplish the same general thing that a normal ceiling fan does: it blows cool air out beneath it and floods the room with fresh air.

You can delight your friends and family by installing and turning on this type of airplane ceiling fan: it will appeal equally to children who enjoy mobiles and adults that like airplanes and aviation. These types of fun ceiling fans are perfect gifts for pilots, airmen, aviation crew members and technicians or aviation mechanics. You can celebrate someone's promotion in the aviation industry or landing a new flight job by giving them a fun airplane ceiling fan.

You can also make your own version of this kind of airplane ceiling fan if you buy a couple feet of fishing line and either buy or build some sturdy model airplanes. Making sure that each plane will have enough buffer space between itself and the next plane, you can use eye-hooks to secure even lengths of fishing line in the center of each fan blade to ensure it will hang straight down. Attach the ends of these pieces of fishing line to the model planes you've built or bought and turn your fan on medium or low to watch the fun formation flying begin!

This is another great way to organize a fun afternoon project for you and a few friends or for yourself and your kids. You will probably have to tinker a bit with the lengths of the fishing line to ensure your airplane ceiling fan will run smoothly and not inevitably start up into a large airborne pile-up or traffic jam. If you're not having much success with hanging all your model planes at the same altitude, try varying the lengths of the fishing lines you drop down from the center of each fan blade to see if flying your model planes at different altitudes will make your airplane ceiling fan more efficient.