Expandable shoe holders are designed to grow with your shoe collection. They are ideal for someone who is just starting to purchase a lot of shoes and doesn't need a huge organizer at first, but can see needing one in the future. Not only are they expandable, most of them come with a stackable option as well. For example if you bought two of the same types of expandable shoe racks, you can place one on top of the other to vertically maximize your space.

Expandable shoe racks can start off holding as few as 3 pairs of shoes, but can grow to hold upwards of 10 pairs. These are mainly designed so that you place your shoes on a slanted rack for easy access and organization in a minimal amount of space. This is great, because you don't have to worry about the clutter and messiness of shoe boxes. You can display all your shoes in one organized easy to see area, and keep them protected and off the floor at the same time.

Expandable shoe racks are designed to be free standing, so you can place them in where in your home that you feel is necessary. They are most commonly seen in bedroom closets and at the front entrance of the house so guest will know to remove their shoes before entering. If you don't have the floor space in your closet to place the expandable shoe rack, you can nicely display it along a wall.

Expandable shoe racks come in a variety of colors and finishes to match in and all décor. Depending on the type of shoes you own, you may want to buy a shoe holder made from a sturdy material such as a bamboo, or other types of wood. But if you are simply using to store your light weight shoes, a plastic expandable shoe rack will work just fine.

The great thing about expandable shoe racks is that there's no limit on the type of shoe you can store on these. With some of the other styles, you can only keep flats and certain heels protected. But with the expandable shoe rack since there is no covering over the top tier, you have free reign on what you place there. You can put knee high boots there, six inch heels there or flip flops; it is all up to you. You get the freedom to organize all your shoes, and are limited to organizing just some of your shoes, which can be frustrating.

The expandable shoe rack is the most flexible and creative one of all the styles of shoe rack out there. This style grows with you, and does not put a limit on how many shoes it can hold. It will be wonderful not having to w you have enough worry about if you have enough room to organize your shoes every time you buy a new pair. This style of shoe holder is widely available in chrome and plastic, as well as in a variety of colors.

A shoe racks purpose is simply to keep you and your family as organized as possible, to maximize your space, and make an area for all of your belongings. An expandable shoe rack makes more room in your closet by getting the shoes off the floor and allowing you to remove those bulky shoe boxes. Being able to see clearly in your closet without having to dig through piles will make your life a lot simpler and preserve your clothes, shoes and accessories for a lot longer.