A cute Halloween outfit for any baby girl is the infant ladybug costume. Not only is it adorable, it is easy to make if you have any sewing skills. If you don't know how to make one, you can always pick one up from the store for little cost. In addition to being a cute outfit for trick-or-treating, it is also pretty enough to wear in the spring or for a themed birthday party.

Infant Girl Ladybug Costume

baby ladybug costumeThis is one infant ladybug costume for girls. One reason that it is so nice is that it can also work as a dress on its own so it can be worn more than once. It includes a tiered skirt that is red with black polka dots. The top is a stretchy bodice in black. Wings that match the skirt make up the rest of the costume. They velcro on, so you might want to use some safety pins to ensure that they don't fall off while you are trick or treating.

There aren't any leggings included, so you'll need to buy these separately if you don't own any already. There is no headpiece or hood with this costume. A lot of people prefer costumes with headpieces so it will look more like a ladybug, but this is a good option for kids who don't like to wear anything on their heads.

Baby Bunting Lady Bug Costume

infant ladybug costumeYounger infants look good in costumes that are made from baby bunting. This lets them stay cozy and warm in late October. This outfit is for babies that are up to nine months old and will fit in the costume that is 24 inches to 28 inches long. It is made out of polyester fleece so it is comfortable. This outfit is made by Rubie's Costume Co which is one of the most popular manufacturers of Halloween costumes for babies and kids.

There are fabric fasteners on the back. The wings are attached to the sleeves. This infant ladybug costume comes with a headpiece. It attaches under the chin with some pom pom fasteners. The headpiece is black with red antennae.

Unique Infant Ladybug Costume

baby girl ladybug costumeIf you are looking for something a bit fancier, consider this unique infant ladybug costume. It is mainly red with some black polka dots. It has a tutu-like skirt and wings to match that are attached to the back of the costume. The headpiece is also read with black curly antennas with red pompoms on the end.

The only problem with this costume is that it isn't that warm. You'll definitely want to add a pair of black leggings and maybe add a black turtleneck under it if it will fit. If it is only going to be worn inside it isn't as big of an issue.

Make Your Own Baby Ladybug Costume

While it is easier to buy a Halloween costume from the store, some parents and grandparents enjoy the challenge of making a unique costume by hand. If you are going to be making a Halloween costume for your baby, the ladybug is one of the easiest to achieve since it is such an easy pattern. Antennas can be made from a headband, a couple of pipe cleaners, and pompoms or styrofoam balls that you paint red or black.

For the main part of the outfit, you'll want to use a black top and a red skirt. Buy some black felt or other black fabric, and draw some circles to cut them out. Once they are cut out, arrange them on the skirt. Finish the outfit with a pair of black or red tights.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can try adding a pair of wings. These can help to complete the outfit, but they are the hardest to make and easy to damage. Of course, if you have wings already from your daughter dressing up as a fairy you can use those. If you need to make them from scratch, it is safer to use carton paper that is covered in fabric than it is to use wire to shape the wings. After you have the wings, add some polka dots on them to complete the outfit.

Whether you buy an infant ladybug costume from the store or make one from scratch, your daughter will get lots of compliments for being so adorable. After Halloween is over be sure to follow the washing and drying instructions so another little girl can enjoy dressing up next year.

The rest of the family can wear matching outfits this Halloween. If you have twins or another young child, one can be a bumblebee to match the ladybug. There are also bumble bee dog costumes. Flower dog costumes and flower costumes for people are also a good match for this outfit.

While the ladybug is one of the most popular Halloween ideas there are others that are just as good. These include the baby lion costume, baby bunny costume, and baby pea pod costume.