Football Helmet Decals

Football helmet decals display a lot of information about a team or player. It is important for people to recognize the logo and uniform of their favorite team and the positions of all the players. Aside from that, placing decals also help track which uniform a helmet belongs to and prevents mix-ups, a player who has lost his helmet can easily find his in the mist of others. Decals can be used to boost team spirit among players with specific logos and award decals to encourage players. Many times, old football stickers can be changed for brighter looking ones and new football teams can chose a decal for their team. Many stores now use high quality vinyl that never loses brightness after long term exposure to sunlight. Many of these artworks are made to fit into the size of the helmet without coming off. Many online stores offer custom artwork orders can be made from any selection. Teams can select any color for any artwork they prefer.

Types of designs for football helmet designs

There are many different types of football helmet decals and they vary according to lettering and styles. There are decals for mascots, fans, team members and trainees. A lot of football teams make use of the script designs; others opt for name stripes and interlocking letter styles. It all depends on which one your team prefers. There are also designs for sweat bands and neck bands, die cut letters, single colored stripes and memorial decals to give tribute to a player. Some decal makers use the 20 millimeter vinyl strip because it is cheaper but the 30 millimeter can last for up to five years and will not lose its radiance.
Along with the helmet, decals should also be applied on jerseys, shorts, bags, visors, caps, jackets and other complimentary items associated with football so it is wiser to choose stores that deal in all these categories to save time, energy and cost.

Things to watch out for

The color of a decal artwork can influence the overall price of the decals. The more complex the color process is, the more expensive it will be and if you use a rare color, make it known to the store before ordering so that you can have the right color match. Generally, decal artworks are made to fit any helmet size. For a small team it costs $5 per helmet or less and other charges like color, shipment cost and tariffs should be put into consideration.

How are football helmet decals applied?
Football teams can hire a skilled contractor to place decals for proper positioning and adequate use of resources. It is important for anyone who wants to apply a decal to have the required materials beforehand. To prevent paint from peeling off the helmet, a card or squeegee should be used and the cleaning material should be cloth or towel dipped in water.Any other liquid can reduce the radiance of the helmet overtime. However, teams on a low cost budget or individuals who want to personalize their helmets can go for self-application in a three step process:
1. Clean the helmet,
2. Position decal two inches away from top of helmet.
3. Starting from the middle, rub the decal all over the helmet till it is firmly in place

For neck and sweat bands, the above process should be repeated and carried out carefully.