It might not be commonly known but brown area rugs are actually a great item to decorate your home with. If you used them correctly, not only do they add to the beauty of your home but can increase its luxurious feel as well. Here are some tips that you can used on how to decorate with brown area rugs.

Tip #1: Color coordinate the color of your brown rugs with the rest of your home. To match the brown color, you can use other types of furnishing items like wooden blinds or leather cushions. This is will give your home a consistent look and to achieve an earth tone platte that is pleasing to the eye. However, you should avoid decking everything in your home with brown as this will make your room look cluttered. Instead, you can vary the color theme by using colors that complement brown, such as green and yellow. For example, you can have yellow colored curtains or doors. Another way to increase variety in your room is through different textures. By varying the textures in your room such as wood, leather, animal skin etc will help to increase the composition variety of your home.

Tip #2: When buying any kind of color area rugs, whether it is brown, pink or black, take care about the sizing of these area rugs. To make your room look much more spacious, a trick you can use is to avoid covering your entire room with the rug. Instead, make sure there are some gaps between the rug and the walls of your room. This spacing will create the illusion that your house is much larger. The same principle applies to rug runner as well. By buying rug runners that are a bit shorter than your corridor or stairways, you can make your room looks much longer.

Tip #3: Select the right design for your home. For brown rugs, you have a wide selection of styles to choose from. For Persian to Oriental to Contemporary designs, each has a unique style and it is up to you to decide which style is more suitable for your home. As a reference, Persian and Oriental rugs are great for homes that want to create a more asian or exotic look. On the other hand, contemporary rugs are more suitable for the modern home that wants to create a Zen or clean look for their home.

If you know how to use brown area rugs, they are actually very easy items to work with in terms of decorating your home.