The decision to buy cheap sports trainers, or any type of trainers for that matter, from an online site or to go in to a physical store and pay a bit more is a decision that many people have to make at some point. It makes no difference whether you are buying children’s trainers, men’s trainers, women’s trainers or even trainers for a baby, the fact is authentic sports trainers are not cheap. It makes no difference whether you are buying Nike branded sports shoes, Reebok branded sports shoes, Adidas branded sports shoes, Puma branded sports shoes or any other brand of sports shoes. 

There are many websites offering genuine and authentic sports trainers at a discount or at a knock down price, and many claim to have the latest style for the cheapest price. In addition to this there are many sellers on auction sites, such as Ebay, also claiming to sell genuine and authentic sports trainers at discount prices. If you compare the prices many online sites charge for a particular style of trainers to the prices a physical shop charges for the same style of sports trainers there will be a huge difference. For an even larger variation in price try comparing the price of the same style of trainers to an Ebay seller. 

If you are looking to buy a pair of genuine sports trainers you will find the same price will be charged for the same style of trainers in each and every shop where the sports trainers are sold. You can spend time shopping around and exploring all the different shoe shops and sports stores in your local area, however you will find each and every one will have the same style at the same price so it will be time wasted. 

When buying a pair of sports trainers if the price is so low that it seems to goo to be true, it often is. There are many fraudsters out there selling fake and counterfeit sports trainers and making a pretty packet out of it. If you find a pair of sports trainers that are very cheap, they are going to be fake, no matter what the seller claims. 

A pair of Reebok Classic trainers. Would a fake pair look as authentic as a genuine pair? Are you willing to take the chance and order a pair of these online to save a few bucks?

A pair of Reebok Classic trainersCredit:

The problem arises when buying sports trainers from an online retailer where the price is a few pounds less than you would pay in the high street. We all know that goods can be sold for less online because the retailer doesn’t have a shop front. The retailer doesn’t have to staff a shop, and the retailer doesn’t have all the costs associated with owning a store. So, it seems perfectly feasible that a pair of sports trainers that are only a few pounds less would be genuine and not fake or counterfeit, right? It is these scenarios that need the most care and consideration. A really cheap pair of sports trainers are going to be fake, whereas a pair of sports trainers that are only a few pounds less than the recommended retail price may be a genuine bargain or they may be counterfeit. If the sports trainers are genuine you may be quids in, if the sports trainers are fake you are going to take quite a hit. 

Some people don’t care if the sports trainers on their feet are fake. As long as they have the right branding, such as the Nike tick along the side or the Puma Cat on the heel, and look genuine from a distance they don’t really care providing the price was right of course. These people generally have no issues in scouring Ebay looking for the cheapest retailer when they are buying a pair of sports trainers. 

If you are buying a pair of sports trainers the only way you can be one hundred percent sure is to buy them from a physical shop and a reputable retailer. No shop would run the risk of selling counterfeit trainers as a bad reputation would close the business down. 

There are some online retailers selling genuine sports trainers for a little less than a shop does, but there are things you need to consider before parting with your cash. What if the trainers don’t fit properly? What if the trainers are damaged? How easy is it to get a refund or replacement pair of trainers? When dealing with an online retailer selling genuine sports trainers the saving will be so low that it is not worth taking the risk of the above problems as it will be more hassle than spending a few pounds and going to a shop.

A pair of classic Adidas retro trainers. Are you prepared to part with your hard earned cash and buy them off an online retailer? Is the risk really worth it?

A classic pair of Adidas trainers in brownCredit:

 When buying genuine sports trainers I would avoid all auction sites, and Ebay in particular. Ebay is particularly prone to fake and counterfeit products and whilst there is always the Paypal protection scheme you may still end up getting burned.Because of this I would give Ebay a wide berth when buying trainers.

 So, should you buy cheap sports trainers online or pay more in store? If you want a genuine pair of sports trainers, instead of a counterfeit pair, and want a hassle free transaction where you can take the trainers back if there is a problem with them, the only real option is to spend a bit more and buy from the store.