When you're looking to buy a katana sword, you'll be sure to fine what you're looking for online. You'll be able to buy katana swords online for reasonable prices. The katana sword is one of the most popular Japanese swords made. It's also known as the samurai sword. The katana sword is known to be quite sharp, curvy, and cuts through the thickest of materials. The katana sword has been produced since 1392, with modifications being made and changed throughout the years. It's a large sword with a thick blade. It's not a sword to be used for entertainment. It's a very sharp and dangerous weapon.

The internet has quality Katana swords for sale that can provide you with the right sword needed for training in marital arts. Before you buy a katana sword, you'll want to shop around and compare prices. Katana swords aren't cheap and you'll want a good quality sword to use. There's a lot of different katana swords on the market. If you're not real familiar with samurai swords, first you'll need to familiarize yourself with some of the katana sword features that are included with the samurai.

Katana sword features

Katana swords are made from carbon steel. Japanese "authentic" katana swords use Japanese steel, which is known as Tamahagane. The Japanese swords aren't only sharper, but the swords aren't brittle and won't break easy. Your standardized single edge katana sword will be about 40 inches in diameter. It's a long sword, with a thick blade that's usually about 5/16". The length of the blade is usually about 27-29 inches. The handle features a black silk braid cord.

Katana swords come in either the single edge, or in the double edge tanto point. The double edge katana swords are more expensive than single edge swords. The katana swords are curved blades. A katana sword sheath can be made of leather, or a black lacquered wood scabbard sheath. When you buy katana swords, most sheaths are included with your purchase.

What can the katana sword be used for

Katana swords are simply fighting weapons for marital arts. It should not be used as a toy and should be kept away from children and pets. It makes for perfect martial arts training. Be aware of your state laws, when carried around as a conceal weapon. Katana swords are considered weapons and it could be a misdemeanor or a felony if its concealed. The katana sword is used for Japanese martial arts training that includes battojutsu, laido, laijutsu, and shinkendo. You should use these swords with caution and for martial arts training only.

Where to buy katana swords online for a good price

Warrior series katana -
Cold steel makes quality katana swords. The steel used for cold steel products is 1055 carbon. Katana swords comes in three different sets: katana, Chisa katana, and O katana. The katana's blade is 29 1/4 inches long, a blade thickness of 5/16" and a 11 1/4 inch handle. It's your standard sized katana sword. You can buy katana swords online with the double edge under $500 at amazon. The double edge swords usually go for 700 at retail. Single edge warrior series katana swords can be bought online at manventureoutpost.com, ebay, knife Sales, and budK.com for prices lower than $300. You won't be able to buy katan swords online of the warrior series for a cheaper price. The black lacquered wood scabbard is featured with each katana sword.

The Chisa katana sword is 24 1/2 feet in length and is the shortest warrior series sword in length. The handle is 11 1/2 inches long, with a 5/16" thick blade. It's a relatively light sword that weighs just 37 ounces and goes for a cheaper price than the other cold steel products. You can buy katana swords with the Chise model for a great price at forge of the gods, manventureoutpost.com, Plum Run Sport Goods, Katerno.com, and Outdoor Everything for lower than $300.

The O katana sword is very expensive and is the longest sword of the warrior series. Features a 36 inch blade, weighs 48 ounces, and has a 13 inch handle. All the other features are the same as the other katana warrior series models. The O katana can be bought online for a great price at knifecenter.com, ebay, knives town, Denver and Discount Mart.

Emperor series katana swords - The emperor series katana sword weights 44 ounces, is 29 3/8 inches long with a 11 1/4 inch handle. Blade thickness is 5/16" and is made from 1055 carbon steel. The emperor series are fine but very expensive katana swords to buy. The double edge swords are a little shorter and lighter than single edge swords. The double edge weighs 37 ounces, with a blade of 28 3/4 inches long, with blade thickness of 9/32". You can buy katana swords online with the single and double edge emperor series at ebay, amazon, get a sword, coldsteel.com, and battledressuniform.com. Prices can range in the $800 dollar range or higher.

Bushido Katana Swords - Bushido makes fine katana swords. You can buy katana swords online in different models that include the bushido dragon katana samurai sword, bushido nobunaga katana samurai sword, bushido shinto katana sword, bushido shinto katana sword, bushido fuji katana samurai sword, bushido red samurai sword, and quite a few other brand models. Bushido swords are little cheaper to buy. However some models like the Paul Chen hanweit and Cas hanwie are very expensive and can go from $800-$1200. If you're looking to buy bushido katana swords for reasonable prices, then check out amazon, ebay, katerno.com, etafa.com, and japaneseswords4samurai.com.