Oatmeal Soap Bars - How Make Your Own or Buy for Cheap

Oatmeal soap may sound like a soggy breakfast during your bath, but this peculiar combination does wonders to the skin. Oatmeal soap is popularly used as an exfoliating agent and its utilization can be traced way back to the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Generally, Oatmeal soap is gentle enough to be used on both the face and body, making your bathing experience a luscious and holistic one.

Versatility and Variety

From hearty breakfast to healthy cookies from the world of chow, oatmeal has crossed over to the world of bath products particularly on soaps. Oatmeal soap is known for its versatility, it is congenial when it comes to combinations. Used as a key ingredient, oatmeal is paired with other natural substances that have other beneficial properties. In the market today the combinations are considered as customization, done to suite particular skin types. One such example is honey oatmeal soap, when the oatmeal has finished its job of exfoliating honey then makes it silky smooth and hydrated. Other combinations that work well together are lavender oatmeal soap, oatmeal almond soap and vanilla oatmeal soap. Sometimes essential oils are also added to oatmeal soaps, for sweet smelling fragrances that are used for aromatherapy. In addition to its many variations, oatmeal can also be used as facial masks. As said earlier its does wonders t the skin.

Ironically though, oatmeal soap works as an emollient for dehydrated skin, it has the canny ability to absorb excess oils in oily skin. This makes oatmeal soap as the balancer and not to mention that it also helps restore the skin's proper pH level. Oatmeal soap can come in many shapes and sizes. There are circular, rectangular, oval shaped bars and sometimes they come in different colors. Though they are good for the skin, there are people who react negatively because of overly sensitive skin, Caution is advised, Stop the use of oatmeal soap if you experience any irritation. Usually, oatmeal soaps are sold in bath stores such as "Bed Bath and Beyond" and "Bath and Body Works". It is also available online. The price may vary according to the type of brand but it usually ranges from one to nine dollars a bar.


Insect bites, psoriasis, chicken pox, acne, eczema, sunburn, sores, poison ivy, prickly heat, and all other rashes and must scratch skin ailments can be treated by oatmeal soap that have soothing effects. When bathing, be sure to use lukewarm water and not warm water because although it opens the pores, hot water will most likely dry out your skin. The right temperature will be able to unlock the pores and let oatmeal soap do its exfoliating magic to unclog them. Unclogged pores enable moisturizers to penetrate deeper layers into the skin thus improving texture and appearance. But it is advised to reduce the frequency of washing/exfoliating if skin is irritated and turns red. Remember anything done in excess is bad.

Make your own at home

The first step is to grind the oatmeal. One can use a coffee grinder or food processor. Continue grinding until the oatmeal is coarse but not to the point that it becomes powder. Produce a large bar of other soaps, preferably those that are mild and natural, into a microwaveable mixing bowl then proceed to step three which says to, add one table spoon of water to the mixing bowl and let it melt for two to three minutes in the microwave with the temperature set high. To avoid bubbles on the edges of these mixing bowls to appear, haul once in a while and mix and check for its progress. Step four would be to stir the oatmeal slowly and gradually into the soap with a wooden spoon until the mixture arrives at the desired consistency. Lastly pour your concoction into your mold and let it cool off and viola! Your very own homemade oatmeal soap! Note you can also make use of additives, essential oils of lavender, olive, shea butter, avocado, almond, chamomile, etc. Honey and goat's milk are also popular combinations in making oatmeal soaps. For a more detailed procedure, there are many tutorials made available online accessed through a search engine.


All of us deserve to have a break once in a while and to indulge ourselves in nature's bounty. Treat yourself to something extra special today. Consider using oatmeal soap and see for yourself its rejuvenating effects on the skin. Make life a little more pleasurable with smooth, soft and healthy skin attained through the natural ingredients of oatmeal soap.