The sparkling elegance and pure delight of a champagne fountain will add pleasure to any party, wedding or event. They serve as a working centerpiece and if needed will also be a way to control the amount of free champagne that is passed out. A champagne fountain may be adorned with flowers and the beverage selection is not limited to champagne only.

Choosing a Type of Champagne Fountain

Choosing what type of champagne fountain to use at an event may be as easy as contacting the caterer or supplier to find out what types they champagne fountaincarry. Most commercial ones are at least three tiers with bowls on each level. They may be either beautifully polished silver, crystal or a plastic made to look like crystal. Often they will have lights in the center or at the top which illuminates the liquid and is especially appealing when used in rooms with dimmed lighting. The top may have a recess into which flowers can be placed to create a centerpiece that coordinates with the wedding or event colors. The champagne will flow from the top bowl in a gentle stream and guests may place their glasses underneath it to catch and fill. The bottom bowls are often attractively decorated with slices of fruit or edible flowers or both. Larger pieces of fruit are used so as not to clog the pump which is used to circulate the champagne.

A second type of champagne fountain can be created by stacking champagne glasses. This is a relatively simple task but will require time as well as ensuring no one bumps into the table where they are placed. Begin by placing several glasses cup side up for the bottom tier. For the second tier go in to the center one row and stand the glasses on the bottom row and continue for as many tiers as desired, placing one cup on the very top. This requires a level base and will need some sort of a tray at the bottom to catch overflowing champagne.

After all of the glasses have been stacked, open a bottle of champagne and begin pouring it into the top center glass, the champagne will begin flowing from that glass to the ones underneath. Continue opening and pouring until all the glasses are filled. This can be a lot of fun, just make certain when guests grab glasses they do so from the top down! Often plastic disposable champagne glasses are used for this as they will not shatter if the fountain is bumped and falls over. They are sturdy enough although depending on the weight of the plastic, they might not be able to be placed in as tall of a fountain as crystal glasses without becoming top heavy.

Shopping for a Champagne Fountain

Shopping to purchase a champagne fountain is best accomplished online. They are available locally through restaurant wholesalers if they are willing to sell to the public. Online shopping allows the buyer to see many styles and varieties and to comparison shop as they can be expensive. For the average person renting rather than purchasing would likely be a better choice, however for caterers and restaurants or lounges who host a lot of big events purchasing would likely bring long term savings.

Prices of a Champagne Fountain

The prices of a champagne fountain will vary considerably based on the size and what they are constructed from. Lighting will add to the price but usually it will not be a significant increase. A large five gallon 48 inch tall fountain will cost about 1500 dollars to purchase in a spun hand finish. A smaller two tiered fountain will check in at about 600 dollars in metal. An attractive clear plastic lighted fountain that holds 8 cups and has four tiers can be found beginning at 50 dollars. Prices for rentals vary according to the style and the length of time they will be needed, but often are not a huge part of the reception cost.

Choosing and ordering well in advance whether purchasing or renting a champagne fountain will help to ensure that it is available in time for the big event. They are often used at wedding receptions, retirement parties, art gatherings and various receptions. The added sophistication and style that they bring to the table helps to create a festive atmosphere. Champagne punch as well as other various drinks may also be served from a champagne fountain. Carbonated drinks including champagne will lose their carbonation quickly though from being circulated and exposed to the air, so add fresh as needed.