GHD hair straighteners are one of the most popular brands on the market for ceramic hair irons. They are used by both professional hair stylists and people at home. The GHD brand has developed from the original styler to limited edition versions, different sizes and a product line. If you are considering buying GHD hair stylers follow the steps below to find the one that's right for you.

Things You Will Need

A budget
Hair products for ceramic straighteners

Step 1

Work out what type of style you are aiming for and what type of hair you have. The GHD straightener you buy will be decided by the length and thickness of your hair plus which style you are trying to achieve. Ceramic hair straighteners are good for both making long straight sleek locks as well as glossy and bouncy curls.

Step 2

Decide on your budget. GHDs come in various sizes. The smaller ones are cheaper. If you have an unlimited budget you might want to get more than one size, for example, one of the large flat ones and the thinnest size. This will give you the most options for different styles. The thinner models are good for making curls. The large flat stylers work best on thicker hair.

Step 3

Compare prices in shops and online. You will find GHD hair straighteners on sale in various shops and hair salons. It may be possible to get a better deal by searching online. If you decide to shop online take care and make sure you buy a genuine GHD appliance.

Step 4

Consider buying special hair products to go with your ceramic hair straighteners. The heat generated by ceramic straighteners is very high and if you are using them regularly it is best if you make some effort to protect your hair. GHD makes a range of products to go with their straighteners including shampoos, conditioners and styling creams and sprays.

Tips & Warnings

Ceramic hair straighteners can become very hot. Do not leave out around young children.