Stamina Fitness Equipment: All Roads Lead To Endurance

The MSN Encarta dictionary defines stamina as "enduring physical or mental energy and strength that allows somebody to do something for a long time." This is as good a definition as any, and captures the essence of what stamina means. Medical sources claim that there is no connection between cardiovascular ability and increased stamina. Some Oriental authorities claim that stamina is more a mental faculty than a physical one. No matter where it comes from or what it affects, one thing is clear – stamina equals endurance, and endurance allows you to perform any given task for longer.

Finding The Best Stamina Fitness Equipment

Finding the best stamina fitness equipment might lead to a lot of confusion about what your options are and where you need to look to, but whatever it is, anything that builds up your endurance over a period of time is good for stamina. All that's left now is to figure out which particular class of equipment will do the job most effectively for you. Yes, there is no 'one perfect way' to increase stamina but there is a good way for you, specifically, if you take the time to identify it.

Run-Of-The-Mill Stamina Enhancers

Treadmills are often claimed to be the best stamina builders because they tax your heart as well as your muscles; and many people would agree with that viewpoint. If you're looking for a simple, easy way to build your stamina, then a treadmill is good. However, it carries some inherent disadvantages that may affect your decision. For one, if you're using it for anything other than a brisk walk, it will have an adverse impact on your spinal health – literally. The landing impact of each footfall when you're either running or jogging can be detrimental in the long run. Technology exists to reduce landing impact by about 33%, but that's about it. If you've had back surgery or have impacted vertebrae already, then the treadmill might not be the stamina fitness equipment that your doctor recommends.

Recumbent Rowing Machines

Rowing machines, also known as ergometers, simulate the movement of a rower on the water and offer low-stress exercise at low and high intensities. Investing in a rowing machine can not only assist someone in warming up for a weightlifting workout, it can act as an intense cardiovascular based exercise. Stamina offers numerous recumbent rowing machines ranging from simple and cheap apparatus', to expensive and professional equipment such as ergometers which are used by professional athletes. The upper echelon of Stamina fitness equipment consists of their ATS Air Rower model which simulates the proper motion of a professional rower and the resistance water acts upon the ores.

Recumbent rowing machines can be useful to professional athletes and the entry level exercise enthusiasts. The smooth motion of Stamina rowing machines can mitigate any risk of injury or overuse and can easily be utilized by elderly, out-of-shape individuals, and professional athletes alike. If your interested in a cheaper model that simulates the smooth motion of a recumbent ATS Air Rower, cheaper models such as the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower can be purchased.

Low-Impact Stamina Builders

Ellipticals adequately address this problem, being in the low-impact stamina fitness equipment category. The design facilitates the building up of strength and stamina in gradual stages. Even though it seems that all the problems of the treadmill have been eliminated, a new set of problems arise – the stride length. Elliptical machines with very short stride lengths of 12 inches or less may not do you any good at all except to work up a sweat. The real benefit lies with the larger strides of up to 21 inches or more. This will have the effect of stretching your muscles as far as they will go, adding to the strength, and ultimately, your overall stamina. Most users will prefer an elliptical over a treadmill to increase stamina, but that may be a purely subjective indication.

Whether your wanting a cheap elliptical for your home gym or a high-end model to boost your workouts to the next level, there are an array of Stamina elliptical models available to suit your every need. Models such as the Air Resistance Cross Trainer can be purchased for as little as $299.99 which is low considering many models of other brands can reach as ten-times this price. If your looking for unbeatable build quality and longevity, the Avari GX 8 can be purchased for $1299.99. Regardless of your situation, there is a model for your every need.

Cyclic Stamina Stretchers

Exercise bikes are also lauded as being some of the best stamina fitness equipment available today. Granted they are great to get you panting and sweating in no time; however, unless the resistance level is monitored closely and gradually increased over time, you might just be maintaining your stamina level instead of pushing it ever forward. The Airdyne, a design by Schwinn fitness, might just be the answer you're looking for. A little on the expensive side, this amazing innovation uses the most abundantly available resource on the planet as a medium for resistance – air. This phenomenal creation is so simple in design buy perfect for those who want to build their stamina over time. The machine will not allow you to go beyond your limit because of how it works. The air resistance that is built up as you pedal will make sure that you're constantly being pushed to the limit just to maintain your speed. In theory, the resistance available is infinite – the harder you pedal, the harder the air will push back, until an equilibrium speed is reached which is exactly equal to your current strength. As you progressively gain strength and stamina, the machine will allow you to go faster and faster for as long as you think is required to bring you to your stamina goal, and beyond if you wish.

Of course, there are plenty of other options such as rowing machines, inclines, weight systems and similar stamina fitness equipment, but the best ones have been discussed, and you should look into them before checking elsewhere. Now all that's left is for you to figure out what you can afford and what you can live with for a long time, because stamina isn't built in a day, to rephrase a popular saying.