Finding Great THX Computer Speakers: All That Glitters

There aren't that many brands of computer speakers, or multimedia speakers, that actually qualify for THX multimedia certification. A lot of manufacturers will try to pass their products off as THX certified by using dubious terminology such as 'as good as THX', 'THX quality' or 'the next generation THX'. Beware of these imitations, because the truly certified THX multimedia speakers will come with valid documentation and a genuine certificate of authenticity from THX Ltd.

Genuine THX Computer Speakers: Leading The Race

Because of the stringent test conditions that THX Ltd. insists on from manufacturers, only a few of them have been able to scrape through for the multimedia speaker category. Although such certified speakers are many, there are three or so clear leaders in the field. All of them have extensive experience designing speakers, and a couple have even borrowed or bought technology from other companies to come up with an OEM brand of computer speakers.

Brand 1: The Logitech Choice

Logitech is one of those few companies that make THX certified speakers. In the consumer technology market for almost 30 years now, Logitech is definitely a first stop for certified THX computer speakers. The Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System is currently one of their most popular models. With a thumping 505 Watts RMS of pure power can take input from a variety of proprietary brands such as PS2, Xbox and nearly all brands of DVD players. And it's a steal at $399.99, or at least something somebody might want to steal from you.

Brand 2: The Klipsch Connection

Klipsch 5.1 THX computer speakers are also a fine choice for the discerning music lover. The ProMedia 2.1 is a hot favorite, putting out 200 watts of power through a Sub-Woofer and two satellites, with a peak output of 106 dB SPL. It also has an optional wall bracket and standard headphone output. The best part – its' price; at $149.99, it is clearly a price leader in this category and power range.

Brand 3: Dwelling On Dell

The Altec Lansing / Dell ADA995 six-piece THX certified computer speaker system is yet another star in the multimedia firmament. This high-performance low-cost system comes with two front satellite surround speakers, two rear surround, one center and one sub-woofer, collectively packing 200 watts of sound power. At under $150, it locks horns with the Klipsch in a head to head price war. Reviewers have called it 'elegant', 'maneuverable', and 'well integrated'. You can even get a factory recertified pre-owned piece for as little as $120.

THX Computer Speakers: Major And Minor Notes

When you're ready to get yourself one of these power-packed beauties, be sure that you have a few things on your checklist ready to cross out. One major point is size and weight. If you're planning on moving often or carrying the speakers with you everywhere you go, then it's probably best to go with a sleeker and lighter option. For example, if you want to hook up your laptop and plan on lugging the entire system with you, you don't want a bunch of trailing cables hauling your 5.1s like they were being rudely towed away from a no-parking zone.

The Fine Balance Between Beauty And Brains

The other consideration is power. If you live in an apartment, for instance, you don't want the neighbors complaining about plaster falling off their walls every night when you turn on your 505 watts at full crank after coming home from a frustrating day at work. Besides you could be looking at an eviction notice if you're not careful. But on the plus side, it will be the envy of every apartment owner, not only on your floor, but two above and below as well. Obviously price would be a factor when you're on a budget, but there are stores that offer installment options should you wish to take that route to purchase your THX computer speakers. However, pay promptly to avoid a dip in credit scores – you don't want to kiss your chances of a low interest mortgage on a new home just because you can't do without the occasional Death Metal party on Friday night.