The Complete Lost DVD Set

Relive The Adventures of John Locke et al With the Complete LOST DVD Set

Although ABC's smash hit series LOST might be off the air in terms of original episodes, its legacy of mind-bending entertainment and pure mysterious bliss live on in the complete Lost DVD set which is now available for purchase. The adventures of John Locke, Jack, Ben, Richard, Jacob, Smoky and all your other favorite characters are perfectly preserved in this special collectors edition which features every single episode across all six seasons of Lost, along with special bonus material and collector's goodies only available in this package. Marooned on a mysterious and apparently enchanted lone isle in the middle of the sea when their plane crashes into the ocean, the cast of Lost begin to discover that things are not as they seem on their new island home. With every episode, a new and excting twist takes the action in unexpected and increasingly mysterious directions. Myth, legend, magic, science and belief are all stretched to their extremes as the experiences of the marooned members of Lost, such as John Locke, Jack the troubled but brilliant surgeon and a curiously diverse cast of travelers, each with their own secrets, begin to intertwine closer and closer together. Is the island of Lost heaven? Hell? Another dimension or just an island where the stress of their accident begins to pray on the minds of John Locke and the other castaways? With the complete Lost DVD set you can relive the unbelievable adventure from the very beginning and rediscover the mystery and excitement of their perilous and magical journeys.

For many lost fans and prospective buyers of the complete Lost DVD set, few characters were so intriguing and interesting as John Locke. John Locke played so many key roles in the story that it was often easy to lose track of exactly how John Locke made it from point A to point B (to point Z). Many fans will likely enjoy watching their Lost DVD set because of the excellent opportunity it will offer to retrace the steps of John Locke in his many inclinations, forms and motivations. In terms of the series itself, perhaps no other character formed as fitting an individual metaphor as John Locke himself. Complex, moody, unpredictable, seemingly one thing while gravitating toward a new transformation in the opposite direction, John Locke embodied in his character and personality the overall themes and messages of the entire Lost television series.

Special Features of The Complete Lost DVD Set

Extra Special Lost Footage

When you buy the complete Lost DVD set, you not only receive every single episode of the successful ABC series, you also get a number of special bonuses. As if 5074 minutes of pure Lost episodes wasn't enough, collectors of the Lost DVD set also receive over 3 hours of bonus material that was never aired on television. The Lost DVD set is great if you enjoyed the series but got into it late or missed a few key episodes here and there but never had a chance to see them again. Instead of trying to dig through endless Lost episode lists, you can simply get every Lost episode together and watch the whole series from beginning to end so you can enjoy the dense subtleties, nuances, interlinking complexities and sheer unanswered mysteries of the island, John Locke, the provenance and background of each character, and the secrets of the mysterious Dharma Initiative.

For serious Lost Buffs, you get the special program called "Letting Go: Reflections of a Six-Year Journey". This special feature available to Lost DVD set buyers looks at the entire filming process of the popular television series from the perspectives of the cast and crew. Filmed on Oahu, the northernost island of Hawaii and home to the state capital Honolulu, Lost involved an epic six year investnment of time, effort and sacrifice on the part of the cast and crew.

Hear the story of Lost from their perspective as Jack, John Locke, Hurley, Ben and the others tell you what it was like to live, eat, sleep and breathe the filming of Lost and the details of their island experience. You'll also get "Planet Lost" a special program that examines the massive and widespread impact of the Lost series phenomenon and how it has made its mark on mediums as diverse as comic books and special foreign festivals alike.

For fans curious about what the highly guarded speculation-fueling final filmings of Lost were like, you get "Swan Song" a special look at the shooting of the last couple of episodes of Lost. These were highly emotional times for all the cast and crew who had spent so much time together and experienced all the ups and downs of filming the now famous TV series.

Naturally, you'll also get plenty of deleted scenes that never made it onto the air during the series' initial circulation.

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Special Edition Collectible LOST Series Relics

For those Lost Fans that buy the special edition Complete Lost DVD Set, there are a number of really cool non-digital goodies that come included in the package. For one, you get the Lost Senet game which was shown in Season 6. You also get a really cool replica of the Lost island itself which you can display as you please.

There is even a special ankh that contains a message from Jacob himself!

As if all this weren't cool enough, the Lost DVD set also comes with a black torch light that fans can use to reveal hidden clues. These clues reveal the location of the bonus dvd disc!

For those Lost fans intent on following along with the entire Lost series, there is also a very handy episode guide to make it easier to figure out what you've already seen and what you haven't.

Why Was the Lost Television Series Such a Tremendous Hit?

Lost represented a unique landmark in television entertainment and redifined the meaning of a smash hit success. With plenty of compelling and absolutely mysterious characters such as John Locke, Esau, the Smoke Monster, Jacob, and all manner of side characters with extremely complex and diverse backgrounds, the Lost television series was so successful because it was so constantly causing us to guess, reevaluate theories, make conjectures in order to understand the plot, and keep up to date with all the interwoven side mysteries, prophecies and strange occurences that drove the central story.

John Locke is one of Lost's most popular and intriguing characters given the multiple, multi-faceted and often seemingly contradictory roles he played throughout the course of the story. John Locke was either a friend or enemy, genius or fool, hero or villain depending on which other characters you might ask and which situations you found the survivors in at any given moment. From teacher to adventurer, and philosopher to leader, perhaps no other character underwent so many dramatic and portentuous changes as John Locke. Tracing the arc of John Locke's character development was often a demanding task given how complex and interwoven it became, which is precisely why the Lost DVD set is the perfect purchase for any Lost fan that wants to experience the mystery and transformations of John Locke all over again from the beginning. Watching the Lost television series again from the start, especially knowing you have all the transformative John Locke episodes ready on hand, is an excellent way to completely and fully absorb the compelling story of John Locke the man, myth, legend and phenomenon.

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