Make this Christmas special, with this perfect gift for her.

It's that time of the year again, and you want to buy the perfect gift for her for Christmas. And who is this special woman? Is she your wife and soulmate of one to fifty years or more? Is she your bride and soulmate of only weeks or months? Whatever the status of your relationship, you know one thing, she is a very special person in your life, and you want to give this special lady something absolutely spectacular for Christmas. Your mission is to find the most perfect gift for her you can.

The perfect gift for her would be something she dreams of, but would never go out and buy for herself. If she is a mother, then she always puts herself last. The children and your needs will always be the first thing she will think about. If you are newlyweds or soulmates living together, she will probably sacrifice something she would like to have, or to do, for something for your new place.

What could this perfect gift for her be? Not a new coat, not a new mixer, not a store card…No, No, No.

The perfect gift for her is a Cruise Vacation! Yes, a Cruise Vacation!

Take your special lady away from all the cares and woes she deals with everyday. Treat this special lady to a totally carefree few days on a cruise ship. No shopping for groceries, no meals to fix, no cleaning to do, no clock and timers to watch, no phones to answer, no responsibility for a few days. What could be better? And the best part of this perfect gift for her is that you will be going along and enjoying the same carefree days and nights. Think of it, you two will be free for a few days to just enjoy being with each other.

Now, you're thinking that this perfect gift for her is going to cost more than you can afford. But you will be surprised how inexpensive some cruises are. Also, consider how much you would spend on many small items, which in no way can be compared with a cruise vacation.

Let's talk about some ways to save on this perfect gift for her - a cruise vacation.

First, decide how long you would like to be away, or how long you can afford to be away from home. Some cruises are called 'Nowhere Cruises,' since they don't go anywhere; they just sail out of port, and return the next day. Others, range in time from three days, five days, seven days, eight days, and so on.

Second, look for cruises out of ports near where you live to save on travel expenses to the ship. It is certainly less expensive to drive to the port than to fly.

Third, go online, and compare the specials offered by several cruise lines. Another option for saving money on this perfect gift for her is to check the prices offered by a warehouse store like Costco, Sam's Club, or BJ's Club.

The perfect gift for her has been selected – a cruise vacation. You have done the shopping, and you have selected the cruise you can afford. Now, you can book the cruise, and present a confirmation of the cruise documents. Or, you can print a copy of the itinerary of the proposed cruise, and present that as your present.

Before presenting the perfect gift for her, take care of all the things that she sees as an obstacle in the way of taking this romantic trip. If you have children, speak with the grandparents, or other relatives, to arrange for them to take care of your children while you take your soulmate on this cruise vacation. Select a cruise that will fit into your budget, so there will be no reason to worry about where the money will come from. If your lady works outside the home, in addition to all she does at home, perhaps the itinerary of the proposed cruise will be the better option since it will allow time for scheduling time off from work.

You have now worked out all the reasons why your special lady cannot leave home, and spend a few carefree fun days alone with you. You are now ready to present the perfect gift for her.

Perfect Gift for Her Presentation #1

Purchase two travel mugs, and place the confirmation or the itinerary of the proposed cruise inside one of the mugs. Place the mugs inside a box, wrap, and place under the tree. She will like the mugs but will love the cruise and the giver of this perfect gift for her.

Perfect Gift for Her Presentation #2

Fill a box with all those incidentals one would need while enjoying the perfect gift for her vacation, like sunscreen, bill caps, a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and all those travel size miscellaneous items we use each day. In the bottom of the box, lay the papers pertaining to the cruise, and place the travel incidentals on top. If you feel energetic, you can even wrap each of these items before placing them into the box. She will wonder why you are giving such a strange selection of presents. But upon reaching the bottom of the box, she will understand that you have given the perfect gift for her, and you will be the recipient of that beautiful smile that always melts your heart.

Perfect Gift for Her Presentation #3

Buy a new piece of luggage, place the cruise papers inside, wrap it up, and place it under the tree. After opening it, she will look at you with a questionable look. Why new luggage? Imagine the excitement when she discovers the cruise vacation papers and the prospect of carefree days and nights together. That spectacular kiss you just received said it all - Perfect Gift for Her. Or, think of it this way - homerun, slam dunk, touchdown, etc.

When she realizes that this perfect gift for her, the cruise, is for real, she will be full of questions and doubts that it can be done. Then, you simply explain all the arrangements you have made and that you have resolved any problems that could stand in the way of this perfect gift for her trip. She will be happy and grateful for the work and thoughtfulness you have put into this perfect gift for her.

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