Buy the Right Bird Cage for your Finches


It is very important to buy the right Aviary

When you want to buy the right bird cage for your finches you need to look outside the square. I know this is easy to say but it may save you money later.

All birds are beautiful although finches are a breed of their own. These little birds are often very frail and need more protection from the strong winds and draughts. In the wild they can choose where they find protection. In a cage they become very susceptible to illnesses mainly caused from not enough protection from the wind and cold.

Buying small bird cages

There are thousands of designs of bird cages on the market. So look around for ideas before you spend that hard earned money. If you want to have a small cage for a couple of finches, then a small cage will be sufficient.

You may decide to have a hanging cage, one on a stand or then again you could have one to sit in the corner of your patio. It is a matter of personal choice which type you would prefer or type of bird.

Buying second hand Bird Cages

It will make no difference to the birds if you decide to buy a secondhand cage and this will save you money. Those savings could go towards buying more food or the food and drink containers. So if you are short on money it may be a good idea to buy one of those cages. Checkout your local papers or the notice boards in the shopping centres.

Before using a second hand cage you will have to steralize it thoroughly.  You will not want your lovely finches to contact a disease because you were too lazy to clean the cage and make sure there is no infections that your bird may catch.

You may find one at a garage sale which would be even cheaper still.

Buy Small indoor bird cages

These cages often do not have a metal backing so you will need to cover your birds at night so they are protected from strong light and the cold.

Buying larger bird cages or aviaries

Then again you may like watching them as they perform their little antics building a nest and you could decide to breed and keep finches so you will need to buy a larger cage or even an outside aviary to give them a bigger flight area.

Building your own aviaries

If you are handy with a hammer then you may want to build your own back yard aviary, although if you are all fingers and thumbs then buy one. check out your local newspapers, or go online and search through the eBay auctions.


Draughts and cold winds can cause more deaths in finches than any other illness so you need to look at which way your cages are facing to avoid these dangers.

Buying Cheap bird cages or Aviaries

Quite often you may find someone no longer wanting to keep their birds and will offer their bird cages or aviaries for free in the local papers. Take advantage of these; keep in mind you will need to give them a thorough clean with bleach and disinfectant. You would not want to put your beautiful finches into an aviary that has had sick birds in. They may have had diahrea or a similar illness. The use of Bleach and disinfectant will reduce this problem.

Bird ailments

Like us your finches are susceptible to a variety of different ailments. Cleanliness is an important factor in keeping and breeding any finches. Never put water or feed containers under perches as the droppings will contaminate them causing illness to your precious birds.

So buy the right aviary for your finches and know that a clean aviary will result in healthy happy birds that will give you many hours of pleasure for years and years to come.

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