For the beginner looking to delve into the stock market and try to find winning online stock investments, the website may be the best place to start. Buyandhold investment site offers trades at very low prices, so that new investors can start up their own portfolios and attempt to make profits. The site is extremely easy to use and full of helpful information making it a welcome experience for even the most novice investors. The site is run by Freedom Investments, Incorporated, and they provide exemplary resources to help new investors plan out their stock strategies. This article will offer a quick BuyandHold Investment site review.

BuyandHold offers people the chance to buy stocks with as little as a $20 investment. This is done through "window trades" which are done around 10AM, 12PM and 3PM each weekday that the stock market is open. The window trades are done for just $2.99, whether you are buying or selling shares of stock. BuyandHold also offers "Real time" trades for $15. These allow the investor to buy shares of a stock right at the exact time they choose, so that they can take advantage of the exact current price of a stock. With the window trades, it's a bit like rolling dice as you never know if a stock will have dropped or risen when your trade is going through. This is one of the drawbacks of buying stocks for low amounts of money. Customers can link their bank account(s) to their BuyandHold account to make instant deposits so they can make trades. Another nice additional feature that the site offers is dividend reinvestment. This means if your stock pays out a quarterly dividend, you can choose to have it automatically reinvested into buying more shares of the stock.

Currently BuyandHold offers a range of investment accounts including a regular account or even Roth IRA's. The benefit of a Roth IRA account is that investors can contribute post-tax dollars without worrying about being taxed in the future. Basically, when they cash out at retirement age, investments won't be taxed on their investment money or earnings. This differs greatly from other retirement plans including 401k's. Of course you could always choose to go with a regular account at BuyandHold to try your luck at making money in the stock market. Keep in mind that if you choose to go with a Traditional, Roth or Rollover IRA there is a $25 a year fee you must pay. Also, if you choose to terminate your IRA account, you'll be charged a $50 fee.

I've been using BuyandHold's investment site for several years now. I have opened up both a regular account as well as a Roth IRA there and have been very pleased with the ability to buy stocks easily online. Not only that, but when I have needed to sell stocks and receive the money, BuyandHold has been very efficient. They provide numerous forms on their online investment site that help you. The forms can be printed and then mailed or faxed to their offices. In addition, BuyandHold offers customer service via email or phone contact on their site. To make things even more convenient, BuyandHold keeps track of your trades all on the site, so when it comes time to do your taxes, you've got all the information ready to go. Overall, the BuyandHold Online Investment site is one of the best for beginners who are new to the stock market, or even those with a bit more experience.