Thinking about buying a vinyl strip door? Here are the basics of what they are, what they do and how to buy vinyl strip doors.

Use of Vinyl Strip Doors

Vinyl strip doors are used in a variety of industrial environments to allow indoor/outdoor access without losing indoor climate control. They may also be used to separate climate controlled areas within a factory or warehouse.

One common place where vinyl strip doors are utilized is at receiving docks. The strip doors allow for the dock to remain open and operational without the need to stop to open or shut doors. Forklifts and tow motors pass easily through the strips as they load semi trailers.

Another situation that may require the use of strip doors is in a freezer or cooler. Walk-in Cooler Doors are vinyl strip doors specially made for freezers and cooler. This type of plastic strip door prevents loss of temperature when the door is opened and many are USDA approved for use in food production.

Benefits of Vinyl Strip Doors

Not only do vinyl strip doors help control heating and cooling costs, they also keep out dust as well as birds when used on exterior openings. In addition, because the pvc strips are clear, there is two-way visibility which is especially helpful when dealing with two-way traffic through the vinyl strip door.

Vinyl Strip Door Safety

Because vinyl strip doors are soft barriers, it's important to properly mark the top, sides and bottoms of these doors to avoid trips and falls. Many companies offer safety rings in neon colors that can be used to outline the vinyl strip doors.

It's also a good idea to look for vinyl strips that have rounded edges so that employees aren't cut by exposed sharp edges.

Buying Vinyl Strip Doors

Vinyl strip doors can be purchased as a kit or ordered pre-assembled. Either way, consumers are responsible for the final installation. Cost varies with the size of the door. Larger vinyl strip doors are more expensive than smaller ones. Vinyl strip door kits may offer a savings for customers willing to assemble the door themselves.

The biggest choice when it comes to vinyl strip doors is the kind of strip and the temperature range of the pvc strips. There are more than 30 different types of vinyl strips and the kind of strip as well as the overlap depend on application and size of the door. Strip overlap ranges from 50% to 100%. The more overlap, the less the outside weather comes in and the inside climate goes out.

With regards to temperature range, the clear PVC strips are typically fire and UV resistant, but can break if they are exposed to cold temperatures. The industry has addressed this issue with temperature ranges for vinyl strips and offers both a low temp clear pvc strip and a standard clear pvc strip. Any door that is regularly exposed to exterior weather should use low temperature pvc strips. Doors that are located inside can use the standard pvc strips.

In addition to the door, be sure to purchase replacement vinyl strips so that damaged strips can be repaired without having to wait for an order to come in. Buy the replacement strips from the same company that manufactured the door to ensure they'll work with your door.

When ordering vinyl strip doors, spend some time speaking with a customer service representative from the strip door company. Be sure to have the door measurements handy and know what kind of performance and results you want from your vinyl strip door.