The Acer Iconia Tablet

       Tablets are the device of the future. Today more and more people are switching to tablets. With such strong demand for tablets, there is a surplus of supply. Currently there are over 50 tablets available in the U.S alone. With so many tablets it is hard for people to choose which tablet to buy. In this article I will show you the pros and cons of the Acer Iconia A500 tablet which is currently the largest tablet available.

       The Acer Iconia A500 tablet is a state of the art tablet made by Acer which is a great company. The tablet is currently the biggest on the market today with a gleaming 10.1" touch-screen.  The tablet has a dual core processor and great speakers. The touch screen on the tablet is very reactive and hardly ever glitches.  There are so many features of the Acer Iconia A500 that below I have listed them.


  • It only 1.7 pounds.It operates on the newest android honeycomb system.
  • It has 2 dual core processors.
  • It has 2 cameras, a 5Mega Pixel Rear Facing Camera and 2Mega pixel Front Facing Camera.
  • It has up to a 9 hour battery life.
  • It has dual speakers.
  • It has a mini Sd card port.
  • It has a usb port.
  • It has a mini Hdmi port
  • It has 1280 x 800 resolution


   There are many good things about the Acer Iconia tablet.For Instace it has a large screen which enables viewers to see things bigger. Also the tablet has a mini Hdmi slot so you can plug the tablet into a tv. This is  one of the great features of the tablet.  One of the great features that I like is that it has a micro sd card slot which means I can have almost unlimited about of data. If ever I use all the gigs on the device I can plug in an Sd card and get more storage space. Further the design of the tablet allows for the sd port and all of the other ports to fit nicely around the tablet and not disrupt anything.

Compared to its competitors the Acer Iconia tab fares well. It is by far one of the most  inexpensive tablets, with a starting price of just under 400 dollars. The cheapest version of the ipad alone is just 599 dollars. For someone looking for a great deal on a great product, look no further then Acer. Wired magazine ranked the Acer Iconia tab 6 out of 8 in their tablet review. The Iconia tablet did far better then the blackberry playbook and was right behind the Samsung Galaxy Xtab. In my opinion for the quality of the device the price is great. With a huge screen and many useful ports this tablet in my opinion is even better then the new Kindle Fire. In the next section of this article we will look at the cons of the device, but before that I have summed up the pros of the Acer Iconia tab in bullet points.

  • Large screen
  • Many great slots(mini hdmi,usb ect.)
  • Cheap price
  • Great quality
  • Lots of storage space
  • Great design


Nothing is ever perfect. The Acer Iconia tablet is no exception. Although the tablet has a great price and is built with great detail and quality it has some flaws. For example on some older routers the tablet does not work. This can be a drawback to many who havent bought a new router in years. On top of that the tablet is prone to getting viruses. On the android  market a lot of apps can have viruses on them. When you download the app the viruses spread to the device and can cause lots of problems to happen. The android market has no way for knowing for sure if the app your getting has a virus or not. To be safe make sure you download popular apps which tend not to have viruses on them. Most if not all the apps on the first page of the android market are safe. 

      The Acer tablet is sometimes slow and will glitch up. If you open to many apps at once the tablet starts reacting slower and slower until it will freeze. This can only be fixed by leaving the tablet for a while to unfreeze,turning the tablet off and then on or putting the tablet on standby. To prevent freezes from happening make sure your not opening to many apps at once and when your done with an app you close it.  sometimes the glitch is not the tablet but the app itself and after a while of the app freezing up you will realize its an unstable app.

    These minor problems are not a big deal. They can get annoying though. The last issue I have with the Acer tablet though is that when you  looking to change a settings it can get kind of difficult and the browser on the tablet is hard to use. When you want to get to google on the tablet you sometimes have to press two to three buttons and wait minutes to load. Below I have bulleted the cons of the Acer tablet.


  • Wifi does not work on older routers
  • Apps can get a lot of viruses
  • Tablet glitches
  • Tablet freezes
  • Hard to navigate settings pages
  • Difficult to work the browser



In conclusion the Acer Iconia tablet is a great buy for anyone looking for an inexpensive android tablet with great quality. The device has many drawbacks but overall it is a great device to own. I myself am a proud owner of the Acer Iconia tab and I recommend that anyone looking for a big,inexpensive fast tablet, consider the Acer Iconia a500 tablet. Amazon has some of the best deals on the Acer Iconia tab and I would recommend anyone reading this check out amazons great prices on the tablet. They can't be beat.  On the side of this page is a amazon bar with the Acer tablet listed for sale. You can see the great prices listed their without going to



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