Making frozen drinks at home has always been popular and with the advent of the home frozen drink maker making frozen cocktails at home has become even easier. Up until recently in order to get a good quality Margarita or Daiquiri you needed to head to your favorite Mexican restaurant a beach resort. Making them at home with your ordinary kitchen blender was just not the same. The consistency and smoothness of the drinks never came out quite right. With the new line of home frozen drink machines you can have a frosty cocktail anytime you like.

The revolution in the field came when Jimmy Buffet introduced his line of Margaritaville frozen concoction makers. These are still the best units on the market today, however several other manufacturers have also entered the market to compete. But know one knows their margarita's like Jimmy, and it shows.

What makes this brand of frozen drink maker so great? It is mainly due to the design and construction. Most common kitchen blenders are not made for crushing ice, even though it is one of their settings. They often leave chucks of ice in the drinks and your drinks don't come out smooth enough. All that crushing also takes it's toll on the parts of your blender. It is not uncommon to burn out a motor with too much ice crushing. This isn't the case with a Margaritaville blender.

Not only are they made sturdier, they actually have two parts. One part has only one job, crushing ice. Once the ice is chipped it goes into the blender with the drink mix where a second motor takes over. The second piece is actually more like a traditional kitchen blender, whipping the drink smooth. It really makes a much nicer cocktail.

There are a few other nice features that make these items a must have for anyone who likes to entertain at home. There are several settings to choose from to fine tune your drink. You can make them thicker and thinner as you desire, or depending on the kind of cocktail you are making.

Another cool feature is the larger model. They can make three pitchers of frozen drinks at the same time. Not only that, but each one can be a different flavor. You can have one pitcher of daiquiris, one of margaritas, and one pina colada. It is a bit more expensive, but really makes a party.

The one major drawback they have over their kitchen counter part is that they only do one thing. So they won't take the place of a blender. You'll want to have both around. But if you like your frozen drinks, this is the way to go.