New! Inspiron 14z Ultrabook™


In today's ever advancing world, finding and buying the right laptop can often be easier said than done! There are hundreds of stores promising the best deals, and there are thousands of laptops that you can choose from! However, they all vary in price, size and capability, so it is important to make the right decision!

As someone who is currently in the process of buying a laptop, I find myself struggling to choose between a Mac or PC as they both have their positives and negatives! I am personally leaning towards buying a PC because it is what I have always known and has all your standard Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc..). It is possible to buy all these programs for a Mac but will cost you some money and they may not work effectively on a Mac.  PCs are great computers for business use as well as school as they will allow you to perform all the tasks you need for these areas. However, Macs are great if you are looking for multimedia components.

Macs will cost you more money and will take some getting used to, however, they are great and durable machines that can quickly become your best friend! They synch easily with an Iphone and with the cloud capabilities that exist today, your life can be made much simpler with the Apple product! Editing videos and pictures has never been easier than with a current Mac as the most simple programs can allow you to make professional looking movies!

Buying a laptop all comes down to how much your willing to spend and what your intended purpose of the laptop will be. If you're looking for a simple machine that will allow you to write-up word documents, check your emails, and browse the web, then you can find some good machines at Costco or Best Buy that will not cost you over $500 and will offer all the essential services. When looking at these laptops some important information to be aware of is what cell the battery is (how long will the battery last unplugged?) and how many gb of memory it has and how fast it is! These areas will explain why laptops that seemingly look the same are very different in price and capability.

Whatever you decide to buy and where ever you decide to buy it, ensure you thoroughly search through various websites and stores to find the best deal, as there are constant promotions and deals being held by different stores and companies.  Never settle on a machine you are not completely satisfied with as you will regret it for years to come! Good luck!