The Nokia N900 is one of the most anticipated cell phones of 2009 and for good reason. Using a Linux based operating system, the phone features a 5MP camera, true multitasking, DVD quality video capture, and much more.

N900 Screen Protector

Buying a screen protector for the Nokia N900 is a very wise investment. The last thing that anyone wants is to have their new smartphone be ruined by a nasty scratch. This is especially true for touch screen phones which rely on screen contact to operate.

While some people may run out and just purchase any screen protector, there are some important tips to think about before purchasing an N900 screen protector.

For one, do yourself a favor and buy a screen protector custom fit for this device. If you purchase a universal, one size fits all screen protector you WILL be disappointed. Even if you cut it down to the correct size, it will not have the quality appearance that a custom fit product will.

Also be sure that you purchase a product that features anti-glare and anti-smudge characteristics. With the Nokia N900 being such a "does everything well" device you will undoubtedly be using it in all types of environments. These may range from bright, outdoor settings to using it while you are eating. Anti-glare and anti-smudge (sometimes called anti-fingerprint) technology keeps your phone usable in all types of circumstances.

It's also highly recommended that you physically look at any screen protector before buying one. The clarity and appearances of screen protectors can vary, thus it's worth taking a look at them in person.

The last recommendation I would have is to by a Nokia N900 screen protector that uses a hard though flexible plastic. Stay away from the film type screen protectors (the ones that feel like those clingy holiday window decorations). These often get air bubbles trapped under them and do not offer the same level of protection.