This year buying a Panasonic Plasma Viera 50 inch TV may be one of the most impressive gifts you will buy for your family in a long time. If you are like many households that made the jump from CRT televisions to LCD TVs a few years back you are probably running a great television but this TV is not likely capable of displaying the highest quality of high definition. It probably can't play true Blueray quality. This TV however can and does with the greatest of ease and at a price that may astound you compared to the priced that LCD TVs were selling for just a few years ago.

The Pansonic Plasma Viera TV

Panasonic Plasma Viera 50 Inch G25 TVThe Panasonic Plasma Viera 50 inch TV has been in the Panasonic lineup for a few years now. The most current model was released in late Spring 2010 and is a significant upgrade from the plasma TVs from the Viera line that were released in 2009 and in 2008. The Viera TC-P50G25 for instance is a 1080p plasma television. The display is THX certified as it is capable of a full 1080P HD resolution. The contrast ratio is among the best possible with what Panasonic calls true-black or infinite black.

Basically the contrast ratio or the infinite black technology in the TV blocks ambient light allowing for richer blacks and a greater contrast to light, colors, and even dimly lit screen pictures. Reflection is kept to a minimum making this a great TV for watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and even for playing your favorite video games.

The Panasonic Viera Plasma TV comes with plenty of inputs including HDMI, composite, component, ethernet, PC, USB, as well as digital audio output for the transmission of your sound to a dedicated audio receiver or stereo. In addition to these inputs and outputs the Viera cast feature makes this plasma TV an even better choice for the home entertainment center as it allows for easy streaming of internet video and audio integrating online multimedia with the functionality of internet powered Skype video conferencing… assuming you have the right accessories.

Overall the Panasonic Plasma Viera G25 TV is probably going to be the best TV you will have ever had in your living room and will provide plenty of experience for many years to come. Not only does this plasma TV offer plenty of options but as a plasma TV it is also extremely energy efficient and the panel is said to have a 30 year life, meaning the lighting is not likely to go out or fade anytime soon. In fact the lighting of the panel is so energy efficient this Panasonic Plasma G25 TV is actually rated as energy star under the energy star 4.0 guidelines which are far more challenging to meet.

If you are into movies and games you'll love this TV and if you have HD television service and a top of the line Blueray player then this TV will be able to meet all of the needs you could possibly have for years to come. There are many more technological features to this TV and if you want to learn more then the specs are readily available on many websites online. What it comes down to in finding this plasma TV for sale however is finding it for the best price possible.

As we all know the holiday season is one of the best times to shop for major electronics and buying products online almost always result in the best prices possible. You may want to view the reviews and specs of the Panasonic Plasma Viera 50 inch TV online and then shop around at some of the big online electronic superstores online for the best price. Typically even with shipping charges you can almost always beat the in-store prices and you won't have to worry about setting up transportation to get your big screen plasma TV home. At the very least comparison shop online so that you know if you are getting a good deal in the stores as they try to lure you in this holiday season.