Kawasaki Ninja 650R

When you are buying a secondhand bike, maybe a Kawasaki Ninja 650R, unless you know the bike and the friend that you are buying the bike from, you are most likely buying someone else’s problems. The trick is to find out what those problems are when you are looking at the bike and deciding whether to hand over your hard earned cash. Follow a few guidelines and you will likely find yourself a better deal with a good bike.

Enjoying the saving you get from buying secondhand

Buying a bike from a newspaper advert, a local news board or even an advert on Ebay, is not without its risks. The reason you might still go ahead will be if you can’t afford to spend the extra mount, that is the premium that you would have to pay to get a bike from a dealer with a warranty. Due to budgeting considerations you need to buy something second hand and maybe do some work on, to get it to the standard that you would want it to be. At least if you know what the problems are, you can use that to bargain for a better price.

If you are not happy with any part of the deal then walk away. There will always be other bikes to look at and probably one better than the one you are looking at and not happy with at that time. Always offer a good amount lower than what is being asked for, the seller is not expecting to get the full asking price anyway. One bike I was looking to buy, the owner wanted nearly a grand, I offered seven hundred and while he was dithering because it wasn’t what he was hoping for, I was counting out some notes. The mere sight and smell of the money had the seller say to me “Oh go on then.” A deal was done and we were both happy. I think I was happier than he was but he hadn’t got the worry any more about having to get the bike sold.

Carbon Fiber HelmetHave a list of things that you must check on the bike. You can even do some research on the make and model, and know if there are certain things that are more likely to be wrong. Look more carefully in those area and use anything you find as bargaining power. For example you should look at how much wear is left on the tyres and figure in the cost of replacement if needed. Check other things that wear out such as chains and sprockets, and know how much you will have to pay to replace them. Seals on the suspension should be checked after taking the bike for a test ride, in case the forks have had a wipe down before you got there. If the bike is bouncing all over the place then the forks and the rear suspension might need to have work to set it steady again. Check for play in the head stock and with the wheel bearings, and look for any tell tale signs that the bike has been sliding down the road without a rider attached.

Put on the carbon fiber helmets and take a test ride, it will tell you a lot about the bike. Look at the exhaust to see if there is either white or black smoke coming out. White smoke can mean that oil is being burned and could be expensive to repair. If it is black smoke then it might mean that the carbs or injectors have to be looked at.

Good luck in your quest to by the right motorbike.