Have you been one of the many different investors looking to buy annuities online but are worried about the risks that come with online investing tools? It's true that there is reason for concern.

There have been seriously terrible horror stories that have originated with buying annuities online from bogus insurance companies, and it's crucial to know how to avoid being one of the many people who ends up getting defrauded out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as their own retirement.

These helpful tips will give you the information that you need to know before you shop online for your retirement or other annuity needs.

Who Should I Buy Annuities From?

The first thing that you need to know about buying annuities online is that you need to look for a legitimate company to buy the annuity from. Research each insurance company that you have been looking into, and if possible, buy annuities from the big name companies that you have already heard of through other means. There have been cases where people have posted bogus insurance companies, stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from other people, only to close up shop and never be heard from again. If you go for a little-known insurance company that has no records on any other website but its own, then you are doing so at your own risk!

How To Research Annuity Sellers

Next, make sure that the insurance company that you are buying the annuity from has excellent ratings from the customers who have used it. You can find out how good the company really is by checking out consumer protection sites like the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Report. If the company that you are buying the annuity from happens to be a business that actually has an address somewhere, you might even find out honest reviews on places like Google Places. The important thing to know is that the internet makes it easier than ever to research the companies that you do business with, and by bookmarking a couple of consumer sites, it can be easier than ever before. 

Where To Find The Best Annuity Rates

Another thing that you need to be made aware of is that you can get scammed by a legitimate company if you are paying too much for the annuity. Luckily, buying annuities online means that you can normally compare prices within minutes of beginning your search. This is very important to remember, since annuity rates can differ greatly from company to company, even if what the annuities are supposed to be offering are quite similar. Always look for a great bargain on annuities, but remember – if it's too good to be true, it might just be. In other words, look for a bargain annuity, but don't go for an annuity that seems way too inexpensive for what it is supposed to be offering without doing some research beforehand.

Should You Buy Annuities Online Or Not?

There are plenty of legitimate sites that offer great annuities online, and it would be a real shame to miss out on some of the bargains that are being offered by these companies just because of the fact that there have been a couple of bad occurrences. Many of these annuity deals could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Don't be intimidated by the prospect of buying an annuity online – just do your research, and you should be fine.