Buying BMX Protective Gear

If you are a beginner and new to the world of BMX riding, you willt be wondering if you need to buy all the BMX protective gear advertised. If you are a beginner or an advanced rider, you will know that BMX Protective gears are not optional and safety cannot be neglected because you want to look cool. There are many injured but cool BMX riders out there. You don't want to be part of the statistics. So what is the most important BMX protective gear that any rider should have?

Helmet, BMX Protective Gear

If you lose your head you will probably never be able to ride your BMX again. That is why you need to budget a BMX protective helmet when you are considering buying a BMX bike. That means you need to set about $25 to $50 for a good helmet BMX protective gear. How do you decide which helmet to buy? A lot will depend on what you plan to do with your BMX bike. If you have a BMX, there is the likelihood that you will want to do some stunts. With that in mind, you will need a good BMX protective gear helmet that will give your head good cover. You can check out the Pryme, Bell Tony and Bullet BMX protective gear helmet. By the way, there is no need to buy a helmet and never use it because you don't look pretty wearing your BMX protective gear. Just because others are not wearing a BMX protective gear is no excuse for you not to take your safety to heart

Gloves, BMX Protective Gear

When riding your BMX and you are about to take a fall, the natural instinct is to stretch out your hands in order to prevent your fall. That is why gloves are the next in line when you think of BMX protective gear. You can really damage you hands if you take a tumble. As any respected BMX rider can attest, falling off is part of the BMX riding experience. You will want to protect your delicate hands and buy some good quality gloves as part of your BMX protective gear. You can choose from the ProTec, Diamondback, SixSixOne or the Angelfire range. BMX protective gear Gloves come in different colors and design and there will be one for your taste. Some BMX riders have had to learn the hard way after a fall that wearing a BMX protective gear gloves is not optional. You can get your BMX protect gear gloves for about $20

Knee, Wrist, Elbow BMX protective gear

If you have to add the Knee, Wrist, Elbow BMX protective gear to your list of things to buy, you might begin to think this is definitely an overkill. It can be overkill if all you do with your BMX bike is chase after girls. If you are considering racing your BMX bike, it is a good idea to buy BMX protective gear as if you are going to the moon. You don't want to come back from racing in an ambulance or worst in a wheel chair. Do what you have to do to protect yourself. The good thing is that some retailers provide the Knee, writ and elbow BMX protective gear as a pack and you can get them for about $20.

Crash Pad Impact Short, BMX Protective gear

If you don't want to leave part of your skin on the race circuit, you will want to buy the crash pad impact short as BMX protective gear. These BMX protective gears don't come cheap but they will be cheaper to buy than a stay at the hospital. The crash pad impact short is a must if you are really into racing and you take your personal safety seriously. You can buy the crash pad impact short as a MBX protective gear for about $90.