Why Buy Backlinks?

One Way Link Building and Why It Can Hurt Your Content

Why Buy Backlinks? The Truth on SEO's Love Affair

Why should you think twice before you buy backlinks?

  • First off, what is a backlink?
A backlink is a hot term being used by website owners and creators to describe hyperlinks that follow back to to their website. These links can be extremely valuable simply because Google and other big search engines (such as Yahoo, Bing legand YouTube) use the quantity and quality of backlinks to any particular web page to evaluate the authority and the relevance of that particular page.

Of course content, domain name, longevity of the website and many other factors determine the usefulness of a web page and it's qualifications for being ranked higher in the search. However for some website owners some quality backlinks could be the difference in being on the first and second page in Google. Most web developers are aware that the real traffic, attention and money is all on the first page of Google for any given search term. Of course often times millions of results are returned with each Google search but only ten web pages will be privileged enough to be featured organically on the first page.

  • Can backlinks help increase traffic?
Now that backlinks have been defined there is really only one question worth asking. Do backlinks work? Like many search engine optimization techniques there is not a clear cut answer to this question. Backlinks can be thought of like content. Every webpage has content of some kind but some content is better then others so those pages are ranked higher. Most webpages have a natural backlink or two and in the case of large websites it is possible to have thousands or millions of backlinks.

A quality backlink is a backlink from a very authoritative and relative website that publishes your URL and then leaves it publicly on the page. For an example if you ran a fan website for a kind of Lego kit, a link from lego.com featuring your website would be a very high quality backlink. Google would crawl lego.com and find the link to your website. Seeing that lego.com is a very authoritative source in the Lego niche, Google would use that to determine that your site must have a lot of value because of that link from the main website. Then perhaps you would start to rank much higher for keywords that you would not have ranked that high for otherwise.

A few other characteristics of quality backlinks are pretty easy to spot. A good backlink should be hyperlinked text with your keyword in it, it shoudl only come from relevant, active websites, the sites linking to you should be high quality, and the content that the link is posted with should be relevant to your topic.

  • The Problem With Backlinks
The problem with buying backlinks is that most "SEO backlink" companies do not to create quality links pointing to your website. Sure, you can buy thousands of backlinks for just a few hundred dollars, but the quality of these links are usually very low. They come from forum posts, spam sites, inactive blogs, blog comments, and content farms. Most people do not realize that large quantities of links do not always benefit their website. Google has even been known to penalize websites for having too many "spam related" links pointing to your website.

 Naturally acquiring backlinks is by far the most proven and effective way to increase your rankings in just about any search engine. By natural backlinks I mean legitimate viewers are linking to your web page to tell other people about it. The only way to get these kinds of links is to provide content that is not only worth sharing but also compels others to share it. Of course this is easier said then done because most people who are concerned with backlinking are also concerned with traffic and that they aren't getting enough of it. In order to get people to link to your great content, they have to find it first. So for some SEO tactics help bridge the gap between real people linking to their content and paying a company to link to their content.

  • Identifying Bad Backlinks
If you feel that purchasing some very high quality backlinks would benefit you, here are some signs to identify bad backlinks. Always look for non-existent hypertext, non-redundant content, links with low quality spam, low ranked websites Any of these things would be a good reason to not use that particular service! Be sure to ask companies for a sample backlink report so you can see the kind of places they will be linking to the content you value.
Also remember that without fantastic content SEO doesn't really do anything except create more traffic to your website that will leave because you content is poorly executed. Be relevent, help people and make the internet a better place. In the end Google's goal is to identify the best content and reward it by making rank the best for your target search. The golden rule to remember that your traffic will grow and sustain if you provide valuable information or a helpful service without purchasing a single backlink.