If you are interested in purchasing a Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell set you will have to decide whether to buy them in a store or online. You decision will be influenced by the area you live in and situation. I will get into some details as to where you can buy the dumbbells and share with you some of my research on comparison shopping.

I bought my Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbell set three years ago at a Fitness Depot in Canada for $380 before taxes. While doing some comparison shopping I recalled that Sears had them for over $400. If you are in a major metropolitan area then going to a local fitness specialty store will likely get you the dumbbells at a cheaper cost than a department store. If you live in a rural area, then you may have no other choice to go to a department store, if they even have them.

Another option is to buy them online. They can probably be had for much cheaper online than in a store as the traditional bricks and mortar business model is more expensive to run and prices are increased so the stores can remain profitable. The advantage to buying in a store is that you can feel and try the store demo of the weights out for yourself, if they have a demo available. Of course you could also just try the demo, say you'll think about it and then buy online.

Amazon sells the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbell set for about $330. If you choose the Super Saver shipping option, there is no charge for delivery on any item over $25 so the dumbbells will be shipped for free in 1-2 weeks. I have seen other sources that charge $380 which is pretty much the same price as what I paid.

If you can find an online source which includes shipping in the price like Amazon then there is the benefit of having the dumbbells delivered to you as opposed to you carrying them from the store yourself. As a young male with a car I had no problems carrying the 55 pound (including the stand) each weights to my car then driving off. But for a female, elderly person or someone without a car, having the weights delivered to your house by mail can be a great benefit. If you ask a store to deliver the dumbbells to you, they will almost certainly charge you $25-$50 for the service.

You can also check out sources like eBay where you can get the dumbbells new or used for under $300. However the trick there is that the person selling them may charge very high amounts for shipping, $50 or more or offer local pickup only. Then there's the fact that you're getting something used that can be bought brand new for pretty much the same cost. I have seen "buy it now" auctions on eBay for the weights and they include shipping, but the prices are in the $350-$370 range.

So if you are seriously considering buying the weights I would recommend Amazon as your most reliable source online. Then it comes to the decision of buying online versus in a store. If you can find them in a store for less than $320 and have no problem carrying them home then that is likely your best bet. But even if you can find them for less than $300 in a store but you don't have a way to get them home then paying the extra money online to get them delivered to the house is probably worth it.

Refer to my article The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells for my review of these dumbbells.

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