Students to Professionals are Buying Canvas Messenger Bags

When buying canvas messenger bags online there are a few things you should look for besides the external appearance of the bag. You should pay attention to the various features available on messenger bags. Some have padded notebook compartments while others do not. Is that important to you? Will the bag be big enough? Too big? Those are the types of questions you want to answer when looking for a canvas messenger bag.

Who Will Use the Canvas Messenger Bag?

Ossington Greene Messenger BagCredit: Amazon

Is this a bag for a student or a nurse? There are some canvas messenger bags that are elegant enough for professionals. The overall look of the bag can be used to fit your personality. Some prefer the look of the canvas bags that were carried by soldiers in previous wars. Other people may be more interested in functionality than in looks.

There are some messenger bags that are marketed to specific groups (students), but mostly you will have the chance to choose a bag that fits your personality. This is where the external appearance of the bag is important.

Features of Canvas Messenger Bags

Knowing how you will use the bag will help you know what to look for in a bag. You obviously need one that is large enough for the items you want to carry. But getting a bag that is bigger than you need is cumbersome. If you have a 17" notebook computer that you want to tote around in your messenger bag you will need a fairly large one. If you are mostly interested in carrying files to and from work you can get a smaller bag. So the first feature you are interested in is the size of the canvas messenger bag.

Another feature you need to look for is dedicated pockets. Do you need pockets for office supplies? This would include things like pens, pencils, stapler or business cards. Pockets that are designed to carry a couple of manila folders will keep them from getting beat up in a larger pocket that everything gets dumped into. You may want a couple of smaller external pockets for keys, cell phone and water bottle.

Almost all canvas messenger bags have an adjustable strap, but does the one you are looking at have a good shoulder pad? Can you detach the main shoulder strap? Is that important to you? Along with the main strap, you may want to look for a messenger bag that has a handle so that you can carry the bag in one hand if necessary. This gives you options for when your shoulders get tired.

Vintage Paratrooper Messenger BagCredit: Amazon

There are other smaller features that may entice you to choose one bag over another. Some bags have removable ID badge holders. Some have a hook to attach your keys (does anyone ever use that hook?). Does the bag close with Velcro hook and loop fastener, a snap, side release buckle or a strap that has to be fed through a buckle? Don't settle for a bag that does not have the right type of closing mechanism. It is one of the features of the bag you will use often. Find one that works for you.

Finding Canvas Messenger Bags Online

The best place to start looking is Amazon. Many times this is the best place to stop too. However, it is possible to see the features you want in a canvas messenger bag at Amazon, but not find exactly the right size or all the features in one bag. Look at the brand names of the bags you can buy at Amazon and then go to the different manufacturer's websites. They will often have different models or sizes that are not available on Amazon.

Ben Sherman Messenger BagCredit: AmazonThere are companies like Timbuk2 that sell bags at Amazon, but give you many more choices at their website (though they have precious few canvas offerings). You are able to customize the colors and features which you can't do at Amazon. Not all bag manufacturers will give you the freedom of choice that you can get through Timbuk2, but it is worth getting basic ideas from the wide selection at Amazon and then going to the companies for more options.

Prices of Canvas Messenger Bags

Canvas messenger bags have a very wide range of prices. Some go for less than $20 while others go for well more than $300. You should look at the features of the bag as well as the quality of construction. While you are looking at different bags on Amazon make sure you check out the ratings and reviews too. You will notice some companies rise to the top of quality while others are trying to make as much profit as they can at the cost of quality. There are literally thousands of bags available for under $50 at Amazon.

Whether you are looking for a canvas messenger bag to take to school or to the board room, there are plenty of great choices available. If you buy a good messenger bag you can use it for many years to come. Take the time to figure out exactly what it is you need in a messenger bag and you will be pleased with your purchase.

What other features do you think are important in a canvas messenger bag? Have you bought a bag that surprised you with the quality, or lack thereof? Register at InfoBarrel and share your comments below.