Buying Cedar Garage Doors On A Budget

When upgrading your home, there is no better and more aesthetically pleasing way to add curb appeal and lasting value to your home than installing cedar garage doors. The minute these beautiful doors go up, they instantly drastically improve the look of your home. Doors made from cedar will compliment almost any architectural style and will last for many, many years to come.

But how do you buy real cedar doors at bargain prices? This article will cover where to find them and some of the best ways to shop and compare.

Like almost anything else you buy today, the best place to begin your search is online, but you can also find terrific deals right in your own backyard at local home improvement stores.

Before you begin shopping, carefully measure your door opening, there is not much worse than have doors delivered only to find that they are the wrong size. Visit some of the local stores to narrow down the type and style of door that will both enhance the appearance of your home and also be durable.

It is important to get a gander at the doors you are thinking about in person. They just don't look the same in the online images as they do when you actually see them. This one step may save you time and disappointment especially if you are custom ordering the doors.

Some reputable well-known manufacturers that have online stores are Chamberlain, Garador, and Wessex, however there are many lesser-known makers that also make beautiful and durable doors. Regardless of which company you decide to buy from, make sure that it has a reputation of honoring its warranty.

Real solid wood doors like western red cedar and oak come in many standard sizes and styles and the custom designs are virtually endless. These real cedar doors come at high prices, but fortunately they can be purchased at discount prices from time to time, however they are never what one would call cheap. You just have to be patient, bide your time, and buy when they go on sale. Particularly watch for any close out sales, these sales are where you will save the most money.

When you are visiting your local home improvement stores to initially check out the doors, ask the department clerks when they are planning to put them on sale. They typically know well ahead of time when the different manufacturers are starting a new sale.

Of course, the solid wood doors ooze luxury, but if they are not in your budget, you can go with those not made of solid wood. They will still look the same, but won't last as long, and require regular refinishing to maintain them.

Most wooden garage doors sold today are insulated and automated. Given the choice, who would opt for a manual door when electric door openers are available on literally all types of doors including the sectional, the roll up, and the sliding type. They are operated by a remote control device like a Clicker or a Genie, which totally eliminates the chance of suffering a back injury from the old tilt up up-and-over door.

Real western red cedar garage doors are my pick of the wooden doors, but the oak can be beautiful too. Whether you live in Denver, Seattle, or San Antonio, or whether you are adding charm to a vacation home or elegance to a residential home, you will find that a timber door will always beautifully accent your garage.