Buying Bubble Tubing for Cheap and Protecting Oddball Items

Anyone that's ever shipped something in the mail before is well acquainted with bubble wrap already in its many forms and iterations, but few people seem to have ever heard of bubble tubing. Bubble tubing is a packaging and shipping solution that essentially takes the best of bubble wrap (light, durable and highly protective packaging) and pairs it with the ease of use and odd-ball accomodation of a sleeve. Yes, bubble tubing is essentially a sleeve of bubble wrap. This is highly effective for storing or shipping things that don't easily lend themselves to being fitted into standard sheets of bubble wrap.

Bubble tubing can be bought by the roll, to make it easy to pull out as much as you need and cut it. If you are shipping delicate statues, for instance, you can easily slide them into one or two sleeves of bubble tubing, tape them down at the ends, and then place them in a normal shipping box, maybe in the center of some standard packing peanuts for extra safekeeping. Bubble tubing essentially saves you the time and fuss of having to try and make your own (likely non-uniform) cylinders of bubble wrap when you're trying to accomodate an off-sized object for shipping.

Bubble Tubing is Endlessly Useful

Bubble tubing has a number of very helpful uses. For one thing, you can use it for off-sized or oddly shaped shipping projects. You can put delicate but oddly shaped objects like statues or delicate wood carvings safely into the center of some sturdy bubble tubing to have it secured. You can also put pieces of fruit or delicate rounded vegeatbles in the center of bubble tubing if they are only going to be making a short trip. Poke some small air holes in between bubble to ensure the fruit stays fresh during its quick trip. The shape of bubble tubing essentially gives you the freedom to accomodate all manner of oddball and oddly shaped items that you would have otherwise had to struggle with a great deal.

Bubble tubing is often used to ship delicate and strangely shaped cart parts like master cylinders, or camping gear like portable stoves, lantern housings and assorted kitchen goods. Bubble tubing can essentially be made to fit whatever items you have to accomodate. Besides being perfectly suited for anything that can be made to fit inside the center of it, bubble tubing can also be cut up oneside in a pinch to form a normal rectangular sheep of bubble wrap that can be used however you need it to be. Bubble tubing essentially does whatever you need it to do, and you can find nice big 10 pound rolls of the stuff for as little as $100. Always try to order in larger quantities in order to achieve the best overall discount you can. When you need to ship something oddball or oddly sized, you always want to have a sufficient supply of this special cylindrical bubble wrap on hand.