Buying Cheap Cadillac Mats - The "Cadillac" of Floor Mats

When it comes to industrial floor mats and finding the right fit for your workplace, you can't settle for cheap alternatives. Many people neglect their feet because they seem to be so far below them, but having a good floor mat in your workplace is about more than just having softness on your feet. You need to use good reliable cadillac mats to ensure not only that you don't slip and fall but also that your feet, knees and back remain in tip-top shape. Cadillac mats are known as the "cadillac" of floor mats because of how comfortable, reliable, non-slip and spongy they are. Cadillac mats come in variable thicknesses and are hailed by workers everywhere for their ability to keep feet and backs comfortable and warehouses safe.

Cadillac mats feature an ultimately smooth surface that is designed to help people working on them to turn easily and quickly without the possibility of tripping on raised ribbing or special designs intended to increase traction. Cadillac mats gain their high traction through the material they are made of - their smooth spongy surfaces allow for no-slip activity all day long while their cushiness protects joints from repetitive stress injuries.

Why Big and Small Companies Love Cadillac Mats

Best of all for small companies or even large warehouses, cadillac mats can be custom ordered to fit any size specifications that might be required. Cadillac mats are usually placed in workzones where operators and workers are moving back and forth and required to turn often as a part of their job.

These industrial floor mats can enhance worker comfort and decrease the likelihood of accidental injuries, in the form of slips and sudden falls, and repetitive stress injuries which occur overtime as the same parts of the body are taxed again and again.

From a company perspective, employers like installing cadillac floor mats because they reduce the amount of work time and productivity lost to injuries and accidents. They also help employers to meet and satisfy OSHA requirements

Workers enjoy working on a spongy surface that's so much easier on their knees and backs. It allows workers performing repetitive physical tasks to go further while feeling less tired and worn down by the end of the work day.

How Much Will Cadillac Floor Mats Cost You?

There are many different sizes of cadillac floor mats, as well as varying thicknesses. The more material that's involved in the size and thickness of the floor mat that you order, the higher your final cost will be. You can expect to pay as little as $21 for a floor mat that is 2 feet by 3 feet but only 3/8" thick. Conversely, if you go for a 4 x 6 foot mat in the ultimate 5/8" thickness, you will be looking at around $170.

If you are concerned about the total cost of your cadillac floor mats, keep in mind the amount of money you will save over the years in terms of employee sick days, injuries and lost time due to accidents if you are too cheap to buy a floor mat and instead allow conditions like wet floors or awkward surfaces to exist.