Buying Cheap Doorknob Bags for Marketing or Real Estate Information

Doorknob bags are clear plastic bags with large holes in their top center so they can easily fit over and hang on doorknobs. These special see through bags are used to hold information so that it will be easily accessible to passerby and people that visit. One common use for doorknob bags is to place marketing material and pamphlets inside and then go around hanging them on people's doors so they will find them when they get home. You can definitely get someone's attention by placing your materials right at their hands since they'll always notice something hanging on their door when they return to their front door.

Another popular use for doorknob bags is in the real estate market. When it comes to trying to sell your house, it's important to have your essential information as accessible as possible for prospective buyers. People that come by to look at your home will want to know all about its age, renovation status and other important information pertaining to its overall value. If you use doorknob bags to hang your info sheets, then prospective buyers can easily c0me by and grab themselves their own info bag from your doorknob. This helps facilitate the buying process and will help you to answer your prospective buyers even when you're not around.

Doorknob bags are also great for small businesses and individuals that are trying to get their product out and known. You can give free samples to neighbors and strangers by placing them in doorknob bags with a small business card or note that offers them a free sample and tells them about you and your business. People will definitely appreciate finding such a nice surprise when they get home which will create positive associations with your product and business. If you are concerned that using doorknob bags for purely promotional paper based marketing campaigns, you can't go wrong by offering free samples along with them. Even people that usually find unsolicited mail irritating are more likely to warm up to something free and substantial that you give them.

Doorknob bags can be bought in bulk for good discounts on the unit price of each. It's a great idea to buy your doorknob bags in bulk if you're going to be handing out free samples or business cards or pamphlets and you plan to go from door to door in a couple of neighborhoods or blocks. The more coverage you obtain the better your marketing results will be, so you'll likely be using a large quantity of doorknob bags. You will find that doorknob bags make for more unique marketing campaigns than just slipping pieces of paper under strangers' doors. Doorknob bags are also great for hanging welcome packets on college dorms or apartments if you have new tenants moving in. You can insert important information about house rules or where to go in case of fire or other emergencies.